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Single Cup Coffee Maker

Single Cup Coffee Maker

Even today a lot of people are wondering whether a single cup coffee maker makes as good a cup of coffee as a traditional drip coffee machine does. Count on it, you get as good a coffee or better with a single serving machine. It’s safe to say that in many cases it actually is better coffee and the process of brewing is a lot more convenient. If you are a typical coffee consumer that has his one or two cups in the morning, maybe a travel mug for the commute to the office and probably even another cup of decaffeinated after dinner, then a single serve coffee brewer is perfect for you. You can brew your cup to taste, change the varieties you want to brew instantly, or even brew something completely different like a cup of tea or hot chocolate. And all that in a minute, max. two. There’s really no easier way to get your cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate however you want it.

When you buy a one cup coffee machine you want to consider a few things. First of all, do you get your favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate varieties. Some companies and roasters only have their beverages for a specific kind of single cup brewing system. An example here is Starbucks which only has their coffee varieties for the Keurig K-Cup single serve brewing system. The same goes for Green Mountain Coffee or Newman’s Own Organic brands to name a few other examples.

The next consideration you have to think about is how you will use your single serving coffee maker. Is it only for yourself? For you and your spouse? Or even for an office? Do you like to have friends over and you want to give them their beverage quickly? What plays into the decision at this point is both the brewing speed and the water tank capacity. If you have a lot of friends over then you don’t want to have a brewer where you have to refill the water reservoir after each cup. You also want a machine that brews quickly. Most of the pod coffee machines you will find, brew a cup of any hot beverage in about one minute after they heated up.

It’s also important to remember that you know that everybody can have the beverage they like. The containers or pods for each of the different brewing systems contain the exact amount of grounds that is needed to brew a perfect cup of your preferred beverage, be it coffee, tea or hot chocolate. You don’t have to remember how many spoons of coffee to use for a specific amount of water. The good thing is, you have a few varieties of hot beverage flavors in the house and everybody can make their own drink however they like it. The selection to choose from is nearly endless. You can choose anything from your average cup of coffee to specialty flavored ones, cappuccinos, latte’s and so on. A one cup coffee maker enables you to cater to any taste and desire you, your family and your friends have.

This leads to the final consideration which is that you want to be able to personalize your beverage. The most obvious level of personalization is that you can choose what variety of your beverage you want. Next you want to decide how strong or weak to brew it. This is easily regulated by the amount of water you use for brewing. Finally, for the true coffee and tea lovers, you might want to be able to slightly adjust the temperature of the water to create a perfect cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate for your taste. This allows to extract the full flavor of the beverage to come out in the brewing process.

If you are interested in in-depth reviews of many of the leading one cup coffee machines then please check out our single cup coffee maker reviews. These assessments will help you to find the perfect coffee maker whether it’s Keurig K Cups, Keurig Vue V-packs, Tassimo T Discs, or Senseo Pods you’re looking for.

The Different Kind Of Brewing Systems

You can find a lot of different single cup brewing systems on the market. The market leader is Keurig’s K Cup system. Keurig also has their newer and more sophisticated Vue brewing system on the market. Other widely used types that you find being sold everywhere are the Tassimo system, Senseo, and Nescafe. Besides these major players you can and will find a few other one cup brewing systems but you might want to stick with the major players. Only these will provide you with your favorite beverage as all the coffee brands provide their beverages for them. As mentioned before, you want to make sure you get your favorite beverage for a specific brewing system. If you want to give such a machine as a gift then make sure to take that into consideration.

A Fresh Cup When You Want It!

How do you like that burnt and bitter taste of a cup of coffee after it has been sitting on the heat in your drip coffee maker for a few hours? Probably not so much. You won’t ever have to taste it with a coffee maker like this. You will get your cup freshly brewed whenever you want it. Cup after cup. No more burnt, old and bitter tasting coffee. Whenever anybody who lives with you or visits you wants a fresh cup of any type of hot drink, they can have it.

The fact that you never have to dump any old and burnt drink anymore makes these single cup coffee makers surprisingly economical and affordable. You’ll only brew exactly the amount that will be consumed. With everybody having their own drink when they want it there’s no more waste that goes down the drain.

In any case, before you buy a single cup coffee maker you need to look through the reviews on the different models and systems. Our reviews will help you find the best machine for your needs. And the best one cup coffee machine for you means the one that brews your perfect cup of your preferred beverage whenever you want it!

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