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Single Cup Coffee Makers

Coffee makers have been on the steady rise in popularity for the last couple of decades.  As the years pass, more and more individuals are getting hooked on coffee in order to wake up in the morningand get their day started.  Whether the coffee is in the traditional hot form or in the more modern iced form, people all over the world still crave it.  As such, more and more people prefer to have their own coffee makers right at their own homes, offices and other places that they stay.

A brand new innovation among these electric coffee makers is the Single Cup Coffee Maker.  The Single Cup Coffee Maker shines because of its small size and convenient single cup dispensing while having the same brewing capability that the bigger coffee makers have.  In terms of power, this Single Cup Coffee Makers also features the same 1000 plus watts of energy, making it on par with those standard coffee makers available in the stores today.

Also, these Single Cup coffee makers can be purchased just about anywhere.  Due to its very small size, it can be stored in a small cabinet or pantry.  It can be used lust about anywhere as long as there is an electric outlet, making it one of the smallest yet  useful electric coffee making machines available today.  Drinking coffee in places other than one’s home or hotels or cafes is now a possibility.  Truly, this single cup wonders have taken the world of coffee drinkers by storm.

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Single Cup Coffee Maker – Got Yours?

Packing them up for college or moving out on their own? You can make sure they have their caffeine anytime they want when you choose from single cup coffee makers to pack in their boxes. That may seem strange but think about the time and money you can save them when you give them a home away from home present. How many times have they waked up to the smell of their first cup? When they are able to start their day out like they did at home it may just make them think about how much they appreciate home. Giving them something that you know will be used especially for the ones that need to pull all nighters. Having a way to make a fresh cup of their favorite caffeine may just give them the boost they need to pass that test.

Many may find it funny that a college student or young adult would appreciate one of these products for themselves. Think about it you are saving them money so they do not have to stop and get that oh so important first cup of caffeine. Not only that when they do pour that cup they may get a little more than just an energy boost they may get a boost from knowing they are not really all alone. Family and friends are important and when they provide things that loved ones need on a daily basis it is hard to forget and it may even give some encouragement when they need it. Even if the young adult is around the corner and can come over anytime and get a fresh cup of caffeine in the morning having a special gift from you in their first home may make them make their own cup more often.

When they leave home for the first time they are excited and family may be a little sad because of course you will miss the. Whether they are going to college or moving to their first place single cup coffee makers will give them just the amount of caffeine they need and may make them miss home like home is missing them. Giving your young adult one of these products will let them take it with them to their next place and even if they come back home for a while they will have it when they need it. Maybe they should invite you to their room and make you a cup of coffee.

Searching for a gift they can use and that may make them think of home from time to time may just be accomplished with these items. Even if a regular cup of Joe isn’t what they usually drink they can use these products to make almost any cup of caffeine of their choice. There are even espresso makers that brew a single cup. You see it is a great product that they will be able to get a lot of use from. Surprising them with a housewarming or a room warming gift can be done when you choose from single cup coffee makers for their first cup of caffeine in the morning.

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Single Cup Coffee Makers Bring Convenience

Selecting items for your home that make things convenient can be done even when it comes to caffeine. Single cup coffee makers can make life a little easier in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening depending on when you need that one cup. There are many different types of these products out on the market today so depending on what you drink will depend on the type of item you purchase. You can brew right into your cup and there are products that allow you to brew right from the package. Choosing your favorite cup of caffeine any time of the day or night will be more convenient with one of these products.

For you a regular cup in the morning is all you need then there are several of these products you can choose from. There are items that brew a pot and there are items that brew right into your coffee cup. You may find that brewing your first cup in the morning is the most enjoyable because it is the least messy and all you have to do is pick up the cup and go. Then you may be an evening caffeine drinker if that is the case you can still use one of these styles to brew your decaffeinated cup of coffee. No matter what your choice is from the selection of single cup coffee makers you will be able to have a cup anytime you want without a lot of mess.

Some people love their espresso but may think they would have to brew an entire pot. That is not true there are several varieties on the market that will let you have your favorite flavor for just one cup. Many may choose this caffeine first thing in the morning or even to relax with when they get home. The choices are many and you may think that you would have to pay a heavy duty price for these well you don’t. There are some that can provide you with flavor changes and all kinds of features that you may want to choose for a higher price but for just that one favorite flavor you don’t have to pay a big price. Some run under and go up so depending on what you need to make sure you have your flavor in the morning; noon or night depends on what you will pay.

Choosing one of these products that are automatic will not only let you enjoy great tasting caffeine but it may even help to wake you up when you smell the fresh pot brewing. At your fingertips all for you when you want it will help you get your morning started on the right foot. These days the possibilities of your first wake me up dose of caffeine in the morning will depend on you. The many styles and designs to choose from will let you pick just the right one for you. Not only will you be able to choose one that makes the caffeine you want but you can choose it in the style you want to match your kitchen. When you choose from single cup coffee makers selecting one in style that brings convenience will be easy.

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Fundamental Information and Benefits of Single Cup Coffee Makers

The usual drop coffee makers are still the very well-liked appliance and are utilize by millions of people around the world on daily basis. This traditional means of making beverage had been carried out for several years but nowadays it is not the case anymore since there are some options to choose in order to make your coffee every morning or anytime you want to drink beverage.

The coffee brewing business has done several improvements in their business and one these developments has been the production of single-cup-coffee makers. For households that drink coffee several times a day, this beverage maker is an extremely convenient domestic device to acquire because you can prepare only one pot in session that everybody may enjoy. You need not to worry in repeating the procedures needed to prepare coffee for several times.

This beverage machine is very useful; in situation wherein you are the only drinker of coffee or there are different favorites in the types of beverage being prepared whether decaffeinated, caffeinated, flavor preference and others, this coffee machine is very helpful. This is a fact because with one jug machine, the needs of everyone can be attained because every cup is done on a single basis. If somebody likes decaffeinated, but another one desires caffeinated, in this case, those needs are able to be met easily by simply using two diverse coffee pods.

Since this kind of appliance is still somewhat new, there are some rooms for growth regarding new and modern features and capacities. There were some features that have been added to the appliance including mechanical lock up, cup size assortment and also mechanical water heat features which aid to making the coffee maker more efficient and convenient.

If you want a rapid and convenient solution in making coffee every morning, then these single-cup-coffee makers are the perfect solutions. With lesser cleaning steps and less time for brewing, these devices can create great differences regarding the preparation of great flavor beverage which you like each morning. The standard machine usually is intended to prepare ten to twelve cups of beverage/pot in single preparation. This is excellent for homes or offices wherein there are plenty of people who take coffee every day.

The regular coffee makers can prepare more in one time however they are designed intended for velocity and not quality. Furthermore, several coffee lovers have discovered that single cup coffee maker is convenient since they need not to pulverize coffee beans before preparing a premium jug of coffee and also no untidy filters to throw afterward. Several of these kinds coffee makers can also brew cocoa and tea.

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Single Cup Coffee Makers Are A Simple Solution

Wasting these days is something we all avoid doing, time and money are two very important things that we take extra care not to waste. Coffee may not appear to most as something we waste but think about it. That extra four cups of coffee, you brew just to get your morning cup of coffee, what happens to those extra cups of coffee, well they go down the drain. To buy a container of coffee that makes 270 cups of coffee costs between – dollars. If you are wasting 3 – 5 cups of coffee a day you average a waste of a week! With 56 weeks in a year that is down the drain. Is there a solution to this waste? Yes there is single cup coffee makes is 1 simple solution.

In regards to your morning cup of coffee how can that be a waste of time, most of us may not just need that first cup but we enjoy that first cup anyway. Brewing a whole pot of coffee just to get that first cup takes a whole lot longer, most are doing other things while it is brewing but think wouldn’t your morning go a whole lot smoother if you could have morning cup of coffee a whole lot sooner. The simple solution that single cup coffee makers offer allow us starting of the day on the positive side of time rather than the negative.

Some of us may think that stopping for that morning cup of coffee is the answer, but is it? Stopping for that cup of coffee not only wastes time but money also, more money that wasting four cups a day at home. First, how much time do we waste in the drive through and average of 3-5 minutes for just a cup of coffee that we could have already had at home if we knew about single cup coffee makers. Money how is it a waste of money, well let’s look at it. A medium cup of coffee at a fast food restaurant, not a specialty restaurant costs .10 if that is one cup of coffee a day that is .70 a week when you can have a cup of coffee from home for less than .10 cents a cup. So if we stopped stopping we could save 2 a year. Wow, all that savings through one product.

If you want to talk about savings, not only time and money can be saved but what about saving yourself some early morning hassles. Single cup coffee makers can help you do just that.

A simple solution to wasting time and money when it comes to our first cup of coffee for the day is simple. A product that gives you what you need, for a reasonable price that actually saves you money daily and may even boost your day with some extra time. Wasting time and money is not profitable for any of us at any time, but there is a simple solution to this problem it is single cup coffee makers.

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How To Select A Single Serve Coffee Maker

An increasing number of us nowadays are wondering how to select a single serve coffee maker that will suit us best at home. These kinds of coffeemaker are designed to produce – as you might expect – a single cup of coffee at a time and they are becoming increasingly popular amongst all kinds of coffee drinkers.

In the past we’ve been a bit limited in our choices of coffee maker – we’ve often, for example, had to make a whole pot of fresh coffee just to enjoy a single cup but things are different nowadays.

The Advantages

The advantages of single serve coffee stations are primarily found in the fact that they can make just one serving of coffee at a time and that they work real quick as a consequence in comparison to multi serve machines. So, you won’t need to waste coffee or won’t need to make more coffee than you’ll actually drink in one sitting.

And, if you choose one of the new single serve pod systems as your final choice here, then you can simply slip a small individual coffee pod into the machine, make your cup of coffee and then throw the pod away. So, there’ll minimal cleaning up and maintenance to do as well!

You can even pick and choose the kinds of coffee you want to drink with these kinds of machines as the pods can come in various types, roasts and flavors. Major coffee companies that make coffee for these pods currently include some big names in the sector such as Douwe Egberts, Melitta and Folgers – so you’ll get a guarantee of coffee experience and quality at the same time as well.

Two Types

There are basically two ways to use a single serve coffee maker. In the first instance you can buy a conventional coffee machine that uses standard ground coffee via a normal filter system but which only brews a single cup of coffee at a time rather than making up a whole big pot. It is worth noting here that some of these machines may sometimes be able to brew up two cups instead of just one which could give you a little more flexibility.

In either case the machine here will brew up directly into your cup extremely quickly and efficiently. Some of these kinds of models even come with their own mug when you buy them!

As single serve machines go this kind of option is reliable but kind of uninspiring if you’re looking for something a little different in your coffee drinking. But, if you’re still wondering how to select a single serve coffee maker then this may be a good option for you if you simply want an affordable and compact coffee maker for one/two people. Some of these machines are real tiny nowadays and could easily just sit on the end of a desk for real ease of use without taking up too much space.

But, if you want something a little bit more exciting from a single serve coffee maker then you really should also consider something along the lines of one of these new pod systems we’ve already mentioned. These single serve machines (such as those in the Philips Senseo range, for example) are designed to take a single pod that contains a specific brand, roast or type of coffee at a time.

You unwrap the pod from its packaging, place it in the machine and it brews your coffee up for you into the cup. You can then simply throw the used pod into the trash. Again it’s worth noting that some pod systems can be purchased that will make two cups of coffee at a time.

Variety – The Spice of Life

These machines are so popular now partly because they are so convenient and reliable but also because they allow you to buy different varieties, types and flavors of coffee pods. So, you can pick and choose which kind of coffee you will brew at any given time of day without having to keep a huge stock of different types of coffee in your kitchen cupboards.

This does prevent you from having lots of large unopened bags of coffee going stale in your cupboards because you simply cannot drink them that fast. These pods are also all individually sealed so you won’t lose freshness as you may do once you open a bag of standard ground coffee.

One complaint that some pod machine users have is that the pods themselves are not always as cost effective as they may be. As you might expect you may have to pay a premium for convenience here so this kind of pod system may well work out to be more expensive to both buy the initial machine and the pods than if you were just buying a small single serve maker and regular bags of coffee.

One key thing to think about as you ponder how to select a single serve coffee maker is compatibility. Some pods can be used in other kinds of standard coffee makers so it’s worth while checking on compatibility with your manufacturer. And, some coffee pod systems offer the ability to add a normal filter to the machine so you can use them as a standard single serve machine with your own ground coffee.

Flexibility is vital here as you don’t want to buy a coffee maker or a pod system that limits your choices. Some pod systems, for example, will allow you to use other types of pods in the machine as well as those that are made for the particular model. This option is great as you get much more flexibility in terms of coffee drinking choice. However, some systems will only work with their own pods which could see you limited on choice and which could also cost you more in the long run.

It doesn’t really matter which system you decide suits you best at the end of the day. You may even opt for both choices! One last thing to remember is that you can get great discounts and bargains on standard single serve coffee makers, pod systems and the pods themselves if you shop around. Many pod system users, for example, shop around on the Internet and then bulk buy pods when they find a bargain.

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Guide to Single Cup Coffee Maker

True coffee addicts will not have much use for a single cup coffee maker, but for the person wanting just one for the road, they can be a blessing. Easy to set up and use, they can have a fresh cup of coffee blended in just a couple of minutes and the user can be on the road.

Most single cup coffee makers claim to have a fresh brewed cup of coffee done in about a minute, once the unit is activated, and offer the use of new coffee pods. These pre-measured packets filled with the right amount of coffee grounds make it easy and mess-free to make a cup of hot coffee.

Several options are available with a single cup coffee maker, including the use of a thermal cup. A person puts a coffee pod into the machine, fills it with water and the brew flows into a thermal travel mug ready to take on the road in about a minute. Many single cup coffee makers have two pod holders with the machine, which allows the use of specialty coffees as well.

Coffee Makers Not Just For Coffee

The Black and Decker Cup-at-a-Time personal coffee maker will brew your coffee into your own coffee mug using an included permanent filter and can also me used to make tea or hot water for instant meals, which will give the single cup coffee maker another use in the kitchen.

The advantages of a single cup coffee maker are many as they cut down on wasted coffee, helps those who want to cut down on their caffeine intake, can be used to make a measured amount of hot water for other uses and limit the mess involved in making a single cup.

The single cup coffee maker is also available in many styles and colors to fit the decorating scheme of the kitchen in which it will be used. There are some sold in a coordinated set, which include the single cup coffee maker, toaster and blender, all with the same basic design and in the same color.

A wide range of prices is available for a single cup coffee maker with the least expensive models under and others that can go as high is nearly ,000. The brand, style and finish will determine the price and your budget will help determine which unit is right for you.

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What to Look for When Choosing a One-cup Coffee Maker

Single-serve coffee systems and one cup coffee makers were first introduced in the late 1990s, and have become more and more popular with each passing year. If you are considering a one cup coffee maker for your house or office, there are a number of things you should consider in making your decision.

Types of Single Serve Coffee Makers

These days, a one cup coffee maker is more than a just a miniature drip coffee maker. There are many different kinds of coffee makers that only make one or two servings of coffee at a time. They include some of the oldest types of coffee makers in the world – the French press and the steam mocha pot, for instance. However, when most people refer to one-cup coffee makers today, they’re talking about automatic coffee makers. These fall into two different types of machine – a drip coffee maker that serves up one cup of coffee at a time, or the so-called single-serve coffee systems that use pods, cups or some other sort of special delivery system for coffee.

The first thing to consider when deciding on a single cup coffee maker is whether you’re willing to be limited in your choice of coffee. The major brands of single serve coffee makers – Senseo, Tassimo, and Keurig – all require that you use coffee that is specially packaged for their machines. If a wide selection of coffees is important to you, or if you have a specific favorite, you’ll either want to be sure that the coffee maker you choose offers your favorite brand of coffee or choose a standard drip coffee maker that brews a single cup at a time.

What to look for: One-Cup Drip Coffee Makers

There are only a few considerations if you’re choosing a one-cup drip coffee maker. They include:

Does the coffee maker require paper filters, or does it use a permanent filter?
Does the coffee maker dispense coffee into a regular sized mug?
Can the height be adjusted for a larger mug or does it come with a thermal travel mug for easy dispensing?
Can you make two or more cups immediately after one another?
Can it be set to start your coffee automatically on a timer?

What to look for: Single Serve Coffee Systems

All single serve coffee systems have a number of things in common – they all have a reservoir to hold water, a boiler or heater to heat water, and some sort of specially designed coffee-and-filter combination through which the water is either pumped or dripped to extract the coffee. The major difference between the brands is in the coffee holder/filter mechanism. Each of the major brands uses a different kind of system.

Coffee Pod Systems

Many of the single serve coffee systems use coffee ‘pods’ (sometimes called coffee pads in other markets). The pods are an all-in-one coffee and filter arrangement that most often look like a large, round tea bag. There are standard pod sizes for single serving, double serving and espresso pods, and the better coffee pod systems will include coffee baskets to fit each of the three sizes so that you can use the coffee maker with the widest variety of coffees. In addition, there are products on the market that allow you to create properly sized coffee pods using any brand of coffee. The results are variable and it can be time-consuming to make your own coffee pods, though, so you may want to be certain that your favorite coffee is available in pods before choosing one of the coffee pod systems.

Single-Serve Coffee Brewing Systems

In addition to the pod systems, there are several one cup coffee systems that use a patented, proprietary ‘mini-brewer’ that is sized to fit their machines. The most popular of these are the Keurig brewing system, the Senseo and the Tassimo brewing system. Each of them uses a very similar mechanism for making your coffee. You simply drop one of the pre-packed pre-measured coffee ‘cups’ or ‘discs’ into the coffee maker, hit a button and wait. The cup or disc contains both the coffee and the filter. The machine is designed to force water through the disposable brewer and dispense it directly into the cup. When your cup is finished brewing, you simply remove the spent brewer and toss it out – no dealing with messy grinds, and since the coffee never touches any part of the machine, you can easily make multiple cups of coffee in different flavors and roasts without worrying about crossing flavors.

The biggest thing to consider when choosing one of the coffee brewing systems is whether the coffee that you prefer is available in packages that fit your machine. Currently, Keurig’s K-cups seem to come in the largest variety, with more flavors and roasts being added frequently, but each of the major brands is affiliated with one of the world’s major coffee roasting houses.

One further consideration when choosing a coffee brewing system is the cost of the coffee. As a general rule, you will pay more for coffee when you’re buying capsules, cups or pods for single serve machines, and in most cases, you have to order your coffee through the manufacturer. Also, few of them are sold in supermarkets or groceries.

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Affordable Choices for Brewing Great Single-cup Coffee at Home

Being able to brew your own coffee at home is a great way to get the pick-me-up that you want with the convenience that you need, but if you do not drink a lot of coffee then you could end up making too much with a traditional coffee maker. Single-cup coffee makers are available, but many people shy away from them because they worry that they simply may not work as well as larger coffee makers or that they cost more than they are worth. There are affordable single-cup solutions to help you make the coffee that you want at home, without sacrificing the quality of your coffee or having to settle for a second-rate coffee maker; you simply have to know where to look and what to look for.

Brookstone’s Stainless Steel Single-Cup Coffee Maker

Combining functionality with style, Brookstone offers a single-cup coffee maker that should not break the bank. For under you get a stylish coffee maker that goes well with almost any décor, packed full of features that can help you to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with very little effort on your part. The Brookstone stainless steel single-cup coffee maker comes with a travel cup, a permanent mesh filter. This eliminates the need for a disposable filter. It also features a coffee scoop that is the perfect size so that you can fix exactly one cup of coffee. The double-walled stainless steel construction ensures that your coffee stays hot while also making sure that your Brookstone coffee maker is not going to break.

Hamilton Beach JavaOne Pod Brewer

Pod brewing is a popular option for single-cup coffee makers, but many pod-brewing coffee makers are prohibitively expensive. The Java One pod brewer from Hamilton Beach offers the convenience of pod brewing without the cost, as it can be purchased for or less. You should not have to worry about keeping up with filters, since the coffee pods that the JavaOne uses contain all of the coffee grounds within a sealed filter pod so that you can brew your coffee and then throw the pod away. Your coffee brews quickly, and you can clean up your JavaOne coffee maker just as quickly once you are finished. Though you are limited to the coffee blends that are available in Java One pods, everything from Columbian decaf to French Roast and even Earl Gray tea are available in pods.

Keurig Mini Brewing System

Weighing in at the higher end of the “affordable” spectrum, the Keurig Mini Brewing System costs just under (though this price includes 10 of the Keurig K-Cup coffee portions as well.) Using the Keurig Mini Brewing System, you can heat eight ounces of water in around three minutes, letting you brew a single cup of coffee in very little time. The Mini Brewing System uses Keurig’s patented K-Cup portion system, eliminating the need for filters; you simply place one of the K-Cups (which are about the size and shape of a coffee creamer package) into the coffee maker and start your brew cycle. The coffee maker penetrates the K-Cup’s lid and begins brewing the coffee inside of it, and you can simply throw away the used K-Cup once your cup of coffee has finished brewing. Cleanup is easy, and the Mini Brewing System is compact enough that you can take it with you when travelling or store it easily at home.

Black & Decker Cup-at-a-Time Coffee Maker

If you are looking for an economy single-cup coffee maker, the Black & Decker Cup-at-a-Time coffee maker is the way to go. Available for under , the Cup-at-a-Time may not have all of the advanced features of some of the other single-cup coffee makers on the market but it can still brew a good cup of coffee. The permanent mesh filter can be used by itself or in conjunction with disposable cone filters, holding enough coffee grounds for making a single cup of coffee. The Cup-at-a-Time coffee maker requires you to supply your own cup, but it accepts any cup with an 8-ounce to 12-ounce capacity. The coffee maker can also be used to brew hot water for tea, hot cocoa, and other items such as instant noodles and single-serve soups.


Many people enjoy brewing coffee, but traditional coffee makers sometimes brew more than you want. This is the main advantage of choosing a one-cup coffee-brewing product. The one-cup system allows you to brew just enough coffee for your morning pick-me-up. There are many products to choose from which all have their own set of features. When choosing a one-cup coffee brewer, you should take into consideration the price and which features you are looking. Although it is expensive, the Keurig Mini Brewing System is feature rich and it can create the perfect cup of coffee that you would expect.


Suzanne Bradley is a freelance writer who writes about style and living, often offering suggestions about certain brands of products to try such as Keurig.


Suzanne Bradley is a freelance writer who writes about style and living, often offering suggestions about certain brands of products to try such as Keurig.

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