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How To Clean Your Single Cup Coffee Maker

It’s the same story with all household and kitchen appliances. After a while they get dirty and need a good cleaning. That’s no different for your single cup coffee maker.

What do you need to clean your single cup coffee maker?

To give your single cup coffee maker a thorough cleaning, you will need some white vinegar, all-purpose cleaner, a dish cleaning cloth, and a toothbrush. Instead of a toothbrush you can also use a Q-Tip.

Like with any coffee machine, you will have to clean it once in a while. How often? Well, that depends on how often you use your coffee machine as well as the consistency of the water you use. If you use distilled or filtered water, you will usually need to clean less compared to using tap water.

In many cases when you use tap water you will have a lot of minerals like calcium in your water. This builds up inside the brewing mechanism of your single cup coffee maker and these deposits eventually can break your brewer.

Descaling your one cup coffee maker

Now, that’s usually a long time before that happens but what you more often will experience is that it’ll take longer for your cup of coffee to brew. Cleaning the mineral deposits is easy. You simply run through a descaling cycle on your single cup coffee maker. You simply run through a few brewing cycles on your single cup coffee brewer by using white vinegar instead of water.

Make sure that you won’t use any coffee pod, K-Cup, Vue Pack or T-Disk while you descale your coffee maker with white vinegar. Once you ran through a few cups using the vinegar, you wash out the water reservoir and fill it with water. Now simply run a few brewing cycles with water to get rid of the vinegar in the system.

Cleaning the rest of your single serve coffee machine

Now that your brewing mechanism is clean, you’ll need to clean the rest of the single cup coffee maker. Look through the manufacturers instructions to see what parts can be removed and which of them are dishwasher safe. There will usually be parts that you can put in the dishwasher, like the drip tray, water reservoir and coffee pod holder. Wash them in the dishwasher!

Now clean the area where you put your coffee pod, K-Cup, etc. with a toothbrush. Remove all coffee grinds and scrub those parts down. The rest of your single cup coffee brewer you simply wipe down with a wet cloth with a little all-purpose cleaner. After the parts come out of the dishwasher you simply put your brewer back together and it’s clean as can be.

You shouldn’t need more than 15 to 10 minutes to perform a thorough cleaning and descaling of your single cup coffee maker. On average you probably have to do this routing once every three to six months but, as mentioned above, that will depend on how often you use your brewer.

If your coffee maker is beyond cleaning or if you simply are interested in looking at a single serve coffee machine, then check out our single cup coffee maker reviews.

AeroPress Coffee Maker – A Different Kind Of Single Cup Coffee Maker!

Many of use can’t live without having a good cup of coffee a few times a day. But, there’s a lot of people who don’t like coffee very much. Why? Well, sometimes you might get a more or less bitter cup of coffee and for a lot of people that’s just not to their taste.

Every coffee maker strives to come up with a coffee blend that contains all the flavor and aroma of the coffee bean while leaving the bitterness out. That only works so far as in addition to the coffee itself there’s also the coffee maker.

AeroPress Single Cup Coffee Maker

AeroPress Single Cup Coffee Maker

And, unfortunately, some coffee makers extract exactly that bitter taste out of the roasted coffee grounds. While most coffee makers do a great job to keep the bitter taste balanced, there’s one contender in town that does a great job at that: The AeroPress Coffee Maker.

The AeroPress coffee maker is different than pretty much anything you’ve ever seen. But, best of all, it’s a single cup coffee maker at its best. And the coffee that is brewed is simply delicious. Coffee lovers have compared the brew to compare to the coffee you get when you use a Clover coffee machine which costs somewhere north of $5,000.

Making your personal cup of coffee with the AeroPress coffee maker is easy. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Place a micro-filter in the bottom cap of the AeroPress chamber
  2. Twist the cap tightly closed to secure the filter
  3. Put coffee grounds into the chamber. Use as many grounds as you desire to make your perfect cup of coffee.
  4. Place the AeroPress coffee maker onto your favorite coffee mug
  5. Our hot water into the brewing chamber, 175°F is the perfect temperature
  6. Stir the water and coffee for 10 to 15 seconds
  7. Insert the plunger into the chamber.
  8. Press down on the plunger and maintain that pressure for up to 30 seconds.
  9. When all the delicious coffee is in your cup, you’re done!
  10. Sit back and enjoy your coffee.

The graphic below shows the steps again as a nice image:

AeroPress Coffee Maker Instructions

AeroPress Coffee Maker Instructions

The AeroPress coffee maker is easy-to-use and portable. You won’t need any electricity so you can even take it with you on your camping trip or if you’re going on an expedition to Antarctica ;-).

The coffee is fabulous and you can make a cup that’s perfect for you. And lastly, the price can’t be beaten. It’s less than $30 and the only thing you need are coffee filters and coffee. The coffee filters you get for around $5 for 350 at Amazon (AeroPress Micro-Filters, Package of 350).

Here’s what other folks which bought the AeroPress coffee maker have to say:

If you are expecting the coffee to taste like espresso or like French-pressed coffee, remember that the AeroPress uses a paper filter. It filters out much of the oil that would otherwise be present. I prefer my coffee this way but others may not. Think of it as the best drip coffee maker in the world.

As a certified coffee snob, I thought it didn’t get better than french press. Fugetaboudit! The Aeropress renders a sweet, flavorful, impeccable Americano every time that will change your expectations forever.

Forget about spending $2 dollars for an overpriced cup of coffee, the Aeropress will create a bit of magic in your morning.

This thing is amazing. All I can say is your coffee will taste better using the AeroPress

Simply check out the AeroPress coffee maker on Amazon for more reviews and the latest pricing!

If you however don’t want to boil your water for your coffee and deal with coffee grounds then go for the convenience of a single cup coffee maker instead. Check out our single cup coffee maker reviews.

The Cafino Coffee Maker – An Immersion Coffee Brewer Like No Other

A different kind of coffee maker

We all like the convenience of personal coffee brewers. There’s different approaches to it ranging from small french presses to the well-known pod based coffee makers. Most sold are by far the pod based coffee makers, namely the Keurig machines. But, is there a new contender in town?

Well, maybe not for everyone but if you’re looking for an amazing looking coffee maker, then have a closer look at the Cafino coffee maker. One thing you can be sure of is that it will make your guests look. Yes, it’s that great of a design. And no, it’s not a single coffee maker as it can hold around 1 liter of coffee.

Cafino Coffee Maker

So, what exactly is it? It’s called the Cafino. It was designed by Tassilo von Grolman. It’s made from stainless steel and glass. It works differently than pretty much any other coffee maker. It’s technically an immersion brewer as the coffee grounds are immersed in the water.

Tea maker resemblance

You could possibly compare it best to a tea maker where the coffee grounds are in a mesh basket and seep in the water. When the coffee is done you simply remove the sieve (with the grounds) and dump them. No paper filters or anything is needed.

Cafino Coffee Brewer

Cafino Coffee Brewer

The coffee tastes great and somewhat reminds of the coffee from a french press. You’ll have some coffee residue as you do also have it when drinking a coffee prepared in a french press. What you save yourself is that you don’t have to press down like in the french press.

The interesting part is also that the coffee grounds are removed after the coffee is prepared. That way your coffee won’t get stronger or more bitter after sitting which sometimes can happen with a french press.

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Our verdict? Well, if you like a coffee maker that your guests will be fascinated by then go for it. It’s not cheap but also not ridiculously expensive.

If you however prefer the convenience of a single cup coffee maker instead of having coffee residue in your cup, then check out our single cup coffee maker reviews.

Image Credit: Tassilo von Grolman.

Coffee On The Go – Have Your Coffee In The New Fiat 500L

Get your morning espresso in the new Fiat 500L

Fiat introduced a new car that will hopefully make it to the US with the newest gadget that is available in Europe. What’s so special about it? It has its own, built-in espresso maker. So, while you’re driving you can make a quick cup of fresh espresso to keep you awake. How cool is that?

Fiat 500L Lavazza Espresso Maker

Fiat 500L Lavazza Espresso Maker

Lavazza to the rescue

The espresso maker is designed by Italian coffee maker Lavazza. This alone should ensure that the quality of the brew will be excellent. The brewing device will plug into a special power source which is located between the front seats in the middle console.

After water is filled in, the heating device will bring the water to a boil. The boiling water will stream up to the top and blend with specailly designed pods from Lavazza. These pods are called ‘Mode Mio’ and they are made specifically for this in-car espresso maker.

Customers can purchase the ‘Coffee Experience’ kit which is said to include a set of car coffee cups as well as a spoon holder, the coffee maker and a sugar container. Fiat has not yet definitively said whether or not this feature will make it into the US version of the Fiat 500L. One can only hope it will come. It might just be the first car that you will buy for a coffee maker!

Fiat 500L

Fiat 500L

Fiat will be offering an in-car espresso maker in its upcoming crossover, the 500L.

The “Coffee Experience” kit is from Lavazza and comes with a set of car coffee cups, spoon holder and the espresso machine, which is a coffee pod-based device that clips into a base installed into a cup holder just behind the front seats and boils water to infuse the grounds, just like a stove-top maker.

Check out the whole story at Fox News by clicking here.

If you can’t wait for the Fiat 500L and its espresso maker to come to the us then get yourself a nice cup of coffee from my single coffee maker in the meantime. Check out our single cup coffee maker reviews. We’re sure you can find the perfect one cup coffee brewer that will shorten the wait for your new car!

Drink Coffee And Live Longer?

There’s been recent studies that have shown that regular coffee drinkers might live longer. There’s no proof what exactly it is that makes coffee drinkers live longer but somehow they do. Not by a significant amount but enough to be noticed.

Drink as much as you want?

Does that mean you should drink nothing else but coffee anymore? No. However, drinking a few cups of coffee a day seem to be beneficial. That might (or will?) be reversed once you go into the area of not counting in cups but in gallons…

Single Serve Coffee - Live Longer

Single Serve Coffee - Live Longer

So, in light of this you might want to consider getting a single cup coffee maker. You won’t drink as much as you don’t constantly see the huge pot of coffee sitting in the kitchen and thus it might just push you to have the right balance of drinking coffee so you get some health benefits out of it.

Check out the article on the NY Times

We found an article on the NY Times that gives a little more background on this whole topic. Check it out and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.

Although the new research, which involved more than 400,000 people in a 14-year observational study, still cannot prove cause and effect, the findings are consistent with other recent large studies.

The findings were widely reported, but here’s the bottom line: When smoking and many other factors known to influence health and longevity were taken into account, coffee drinkers in the study were found to be living somewhat longer than abstainers. Further, the more coffee consumed each day — up to a point, at least — the greater the benefit to longevity.

You can read the complete article by clicking here.

While it’s interesting to see that reasonable amounts of coffee are beneficial, we all should be aware that enormous amounts might reverse those findings. We’re in now way doctors or researchers so please don’t think of this as advice on our part on what you should or should not do. Look through the article and then have yourself a nice cup of coffee.

And that’s just what I will do now. Get myself a nice cup of coffee from my single coffee maker. If you want to do the same, then have a look at our single cup coffee maker reviews. We’re sure you can find the perfect one cup coffee brewer that might just help you to live longer!

The Story Of Coffee – What Are We Drinking?

We’re having one or many cups every day. We like it. Some crave it. Others can’t live without it. Coffee! But really, most people don’t know the story behind it.

Coffee Legends

Based on legend, coffee might have been found and used in the year 850 in Ethiopia. It is said that a goat herder was wondering why his goat became more active and didn’t want to, or need to, sleep at night. He followed then and watched them eat red berries. He tried them and soon found out that he couldn’t sleep anymore either.

Story of Coffee

Story of Coffee

Read more about the story of coffee

Whether this legend is true or not, coffee has a long history. And, kindly enough, Ruben Corbo wrote an article about it. It’s just simply called “The Story Of Coffee”.

That first cup of morning coffee. Is there a better way to start your day? Or to relax with friends after a good meal?

Coffee comes from a tropical evergreen shrub. The bean like seeds are roasted and ground to produce the drink of the same name. Most coffee drinkers know what they like, but know little about how the steaming hot brew got from the far off mountains of exotic countries to their coffee maker.

This and more is what you can read in the article on College News. If you’re interested to read the rest then please have a look at The Story Of Coffee!

If the article makes you crave a cup of joe, then check out our single cup coffee maker reviews. We’re sure you can find the perfect one cup coffee brewer for your coffee desires!

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