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Keurig Rivo Cappuccino And Latte Brewing System

The new Rivo Cappuccino and Latte system is Keurig’s answer to the Verismo espresso machine from Starbucks. The major difference and improvement that the Rivo system offers is the ability to add real milk rather than milk pods. This allows you to add skim or whole milk, however you like it. This makes the Rivo the first residential brewing system with which you can select what kind of milk you want to froth for your cappuccino or latte.

Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte Brewing System

Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte Brewing System

The Keurig Rivo is a system that consists of two separate components. The one half seems like any typical Keurig system with a water tank. The other part resembles more a brewer that professional baristas use in a coffee shop. The pitcher for the milk is placed adjacent to the espresso brewing part.

Using the Keurig Rivo

The brewer offers five buttons. Three of them are to manipulate the frothing. ‘Latte froth’ creates less foam and more steamed milk. ‘Cappuccino froth’ produces more foam and less steamed milk for your choice of cappuccino or macchiato whereas ‘cold froth’ keeps the milk cold and creates less foam in place of more milk.

No matter which mode you select, the procedure for all three is nearly undetectable. The hissing sound you are used to from professional coffee places when they froth their milk is not present. Now you only have to decide what you mix the frothed milk with. You’ll have roughly 90 seconds while the frothing takes place to make your choice.

Two different brewing sizes

The Rivo offers two different shot sizes; one brief and one long (1.4 oz and 2.8 oz respectively). You will find an array of mixtures to create; among them Lattes, Espresso Con Panna, Espresso Macchiatos, and Americanos.

Currently there are four flavors offered by LAVAZZA. The espresso company worked exclusively to help build the machine. Customers may pick between Delicato, Intenso, Classico and Decaf. Each brew is special and delightful.

Creating three different drinks, one with cold froth, another with hot and one plain coffee, takes little work. As you are expecting from every Keurig, the coffee heat and flavor were on level.

One downside

One grievance we do have is the change in pod dimensions. This will be the next cup size Keurig adds to their distinct coffee machines, this moment much smaller than preceding iterations. This worries us with regards to the shelf life of the product in an ever-expanding and aggressive marketplace.

Alone Keurig has three different pods now, the original K-Cups, the Vue packs and now the Rivo pods. This does add to the confusion of the consumer and could potentially become expensive. The Rivo system is tailored towards espresso based drinks and the hightlight certainly is that you can froth real milk. If that’s your important factor then the Rivo is the system for you. However, if you want individualized coffee drinks where you can vary the strength and temperature then you’ll be best off with the Vue system. If you finally just simply want a good cup of coffee then go for the K-cups.

Availability of the Keurig Rivo Brewing System

The Rivo system will be available exclusively at Bloomingdales until early 2013. After that it’s going to be around on Keurig’s site in addition to additional retailers.

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