AeroPress Coffee Maker – A Different Kind Of Single Cup Coffee Maker!

Many of use can’t live without having a good cup of coffee a few times a day. But, there’s a lot of people who don’t like coffee very much. Why? Well, sometimes you might get a more or less bitter cup of coffee and for a lot of people that’s just not to their taste.

Every coffee maker strives to come up with a coffee blend that contains all the flavor and aroma of the coffee bean while leaving the bitterness out. That only works so far as in addition to the coffee itself there’s also the coffee maker.

AeroPress Single Cup Coffee Maker

AeroPress Single Cup Coffee Maker

And, unfortunately, some coffee makers extract exactly that bitter taste out of the roasted coffee grounds. While most coffee makers do a great job to keep the bitter taste balanced, there’s one contender in town that does a great job at that: The AeroPress Coffee Maker.

The AeroPress coffee maker is different than pretty much anything you’ve ever seen. But, best of all, it’s a single cup coffee maker at its best. And the coffee that is brewed is simply delicious. Coffee lovers have compared the brew to compare to the coffee you get when you use a Clover coffee machine which costs somewhere north of $5,000.

Making your personal cup of coffee with the AeroPress coffee maker is easy. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Place a micro-filter in the bottom cap of the AeroPress chamber
  2. Twist the cap tightly closed to secure the filter
  3. Put coffee grounds into the chamber. Use as many grounds as you desire to make your perfect cup of coffee.
  4. Place the AeroPress coffee maker onto your favorite coffee mug
  5. Our hot water into the brewing chamber, 175°F is the perfect temperature
  6. Stir the water and coffee for 10 to 15 seconds
  7. Insert the plunger into the chamber.
  8. Press down on the plunger and maintain that pressure for up to 30 seconds.
  9. When all the delicious coffee is in your cup, you’re done!
  10. Sit back and enjoy your coffee.

The graphic below shows the steps again as a nice image:

AeroPress Coffee Maker Instructions

AeroPress Coffee Maker Instructions

The AeroPress coffee maker is easy-to-use and portable. You won’t need any electricity so you can even take it with you on your camping trip or if you’re going on an expedition to Antarctica ;-).

The coffee is fabulous and you can make a cup that’s perfect for you. And lastly, the price can’t be beaten. It’s less than $30 and the only thing you need are coffee filters and coffee. The coffee filters you get for around $5 for 350 at Amazon (AeroPress Micro-Filters, Package of 350).

Here’s what other folks which bought the AeroPress coffee maker have to say:

If you are expecting the coffee to taste like espresso or like French-pressed coffee, remember that the AeroPress uses a paper filter. It filters out much of the oil that would otherwise be present. I prefer my coffee this way but others may not. Think of it as the best drip coffee maker in the world.

As a certified coffee snob, I thought it didn’t get better than french press. Fugetaboudit! The Aeropress renders a sweet, flavorful, impeccable Americano every time that will change your expectations forever.

Forget about spending $2 dollars for an overpriced cup of coffee, the Aeropress will create a bit of magic in your morning.

This thing is amazing. All I can say is your coffee will taste better using the AeroPress

Simply check out the AeroPress coffee maker on Amazon for more reviews and the latest pricing!

If you however don’t want to boil your water for your coffee and deal with coffee grounds then go for the convenience of a single cup coffee maker instead. Check out our single cup coffee maker reviews.

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