Brewing A Single Espresso

What is Espresso?

The espresso was invented in the year 1884 in Italy by Turin based Angelo Moriondo. However, the hot beverage which is prepared with a higher concentration of finely ground coffee beans and by forcing hot water through it, gained popularity only by 1901. Due to high pressure brewing, espresso has a unique thick consistency and a lot more suspended particles with foam on top. Mostly espresso prepares the base for preparing cappuccinos, mochas, lattes and macchiato (Italian hot coffee beverages).

Milk Frothing

Most brewing machines have a wand sort of attachment called “Tori”. It is attached to the front of an espresso machine and it uses hot steam to heat and froth milk for hot drinks like Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Cocoa etc. Some brewers have a double pump to brew an espresso shot and froth the mil side by side at the same time. This feature in the coffee just makes it so delectable that one can wish to have it several times in a day and having it from a café would definitely not be a treat to your wallet. This is when consumers consider buying a espresso for home or work.

The market is flooded with coffee machines from single cups to a pot brewer to flavorful brewing to simply frothing. Here, one needs to understand how to distinguish between a single cup espresso brewer from other single coffee brewers. An espresso pod machine is an expensive purchase and hence, prior to purchase, one should definitely look into the types of features that are required from a single coffee brewer.

High-End Single Espresso Brewer

The best espresso single brewing machines termed by the consumers is the Rancilio Silvia which ranks highest because of the brew quality, feasibility to use and functional features. The price is at around $650 for this single cup espresso brewer. For beginners, please note that frothing the milk takes a lot of practice before being able to get to the espresso that is served in a café. Also a separate adapter kit is required on this one, if you wish to use different kinds of brew pods (read different companies). The Adapter kit comes for around $90 more.

Budget Espresso Maker

The budget Espresso maker is the Capresso 303.01 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine with a body made of plastic. This one also has a “tori” for frothing, however, that is placed in a rather awkward style. But reviews say that the machine is able to provide a quite a thick froth to the espresso. The price for this home coffee brewer is around $60.

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