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Dropping Coffee Prices on the Market – Also For You?

Prices for coffee beans are falling. Specifically for Arabica and Robust beans. They are trading at multi-year lows right now and are expected to fall even more.

Coffee plants produce coffee beans in a two year cycle. The crops typically cycle through a rising and falling production in a two year timespan. Right now we seem to be in the middle of a two year rise and thus there are too many coffee beans on the market which in turn reduces the price of the beans.

Coffee Beand - Single Cup Coffee Maker Reviews

Coffee Beans

You can check out the whole background story on

The other factor influencing prices is the failure of the free market, or government intervention, as the Brazilian government props up loss-making farmers with subsidies. In Brazil, coffee costs around $1.26 per pound to grow, and in Colombia it cost around $1.60. Right now, coffee can be sold for $1.20, but has dipped as low as $1.17, making it totally uneconomical for growers. However, Brazil’s government is supporting growers, and recently unveiled a $1.4 billion support package to help farmers who are not making enough from their crops – effectively maintaining oversupply in the market and keeping prices low.

Read the whole story at Falling Coffee Prices Will Lead to Higher Profits for Starbucks.

Will the consumer see this through cheaper coffee prices? The answer to this is: depends. While brands like Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee are expected to have rising profits, other brands like Folgers have traditionally reduced prices for coffee for the consumers. While this might not be the best strategy to make investors happy, it does foster brand loyalty and might pay back in the long term.

What do you think? Will your favorite brand of coffee get cheaper or will they increase their profits? Let us know in the comments below!

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Snapple K-Cups – Taste The Best Stuff On Earth!

Finally the ‘best stuff’ comes in a K-Cup for you to brew at home. Snapple introduced three different iced tea blends for the Keurig K-Cup brewers. You can choose either ‘Raspberry Iced Tea’, ‘Lemon Iced Tea’ or ‘Peach Iced Tea’.

Snapple K-Cups

The best thing about it is that you won’t have to drag home the glass bottles of Snapple but you simply get the lightweight Snapple K-Cups and make your own iced tea whenever you want to.

As you would expect, the Snapple K-Cups are filled with the finest ingredients. You will enjoy your iced tea freshly brewed as if it came from the supermarket. Or, it might just taste better as it’s brewed fresh and to the size you enjoy.

Read more about the announcement here.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. and Snapple announce the launch of three varieties of Snapple® K-Cup® packs for Keurig® single cup brewers. The much anticipated arrival of the new Snapple® K-Cup® packs includes the release of Peach Iced Tea, Lemon Iced Tea, and Raspberry Iced Tea.

Snapple® K-Cup® packs are filled with the finest ingredients and offer a great-tasting iced tea experience with the ease and convenience of a Keurig® brewer, according to the release. The new varieties join the current Brew Over Ice collection, an innovative line of beverages that are specifically crafted to brew directly over ice with any Keurig® brewing system, and deliver a full-strength, great tasting beverage every time.

Select one of the three delicious varieties and brew your Snapple Iced Teas at home. Check out the pricing of the Snapple Iced Tea K-Cups below. Enjoy the ‘Best Stuff on Earth’ at home!

Reusable K-Cups And K-Cup Alternatives Compared – Are They Any Good?

What are reusable K-Cups and K-Cup Alternatives?

One of the downsides of using a Keurig based K-Cup single cup coffee maker is that the K-Cups are not very environmentally friendly. You use them once and then you have to throw away the whole container as there’s really nothing that can be recycled.

Another issue with the K-Cups is that you only get the varieties and brands that actually provide K-Cups. If you want a specific type of coffee and that brand doesn’t have K-Cups then you won’t be able to brew you favorite cup of coffee in your Keurig brewer.

Lastly, using K-Cups when you drink a lot of coffee gets quite expensive. The per-cup cost is much higher than making coffee with a drip coffee maker. However, the convenience of a single cup coffee maker is hard to beat.

One alternative way is to use reusable K-Cups or K-Cup alternatives that you can fill with your own grounds to make your coffee. You can use your own preferred coffee, it’s cheaper and in the case of refillable K-Cups you’re doing your part to help the environment. You can find good uses for your used coffee grounds in our article The Best Uses For Coffee Grounds so nothing will go to waste.

Below is a quick overview over the different reusable K-Cups that are available today:

  1. Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter
    Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

    Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

    The Keurig My K-Cup is the logical choice when it comes to reusable K-Cups for any Keurig powered single cup coffee brewer. That’s simply because it’s from the same company that makes the brewers and brew technology so anybody would assume that this is the best choice there is. Pricing is around $15 and there’s more than 1,100 customer reviews on Amazon. That clearly shows that it’s bought often. The average rating at this time is a solid 3.3 out of 5 stars.

    Here’s what a few people had to say on Amazon:

    I bought Keurig K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter because I love my own coffee and it works great.

    I guess if you really want to save yourself some money and use less expensive coffee then is worth it.

    Water will leak all over the counter and under the coffeemaker, your coffee will be weak, and grounds will enter your cup.

    Check out Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter on Amazon

  2. ekobrew Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig K-Cup Brewers
    ekobrew Cup

    ekobrew Cup

    The second and slightly cheaper reusable K-Cup comes from ekobrew. You can get it in brown or green and in packs of one, two or three reusable K-Cups. What we like about it is that the lid and the container are connected so you won’t lose one of the two by accident. The price for the ecobrew Cup is at a little less than $11 so it’s slightly cheaper than the Keurig My K-Cup. This refillable K-Cup has over 1,600 customer reviews and ratings on Amazon and scores an impressive 4.0 out of 5 possible stars!

    Here’s a few things that customers said on Amazon about the ecobrew Cup:

    Overall, the idea of a reusuable cup is great, and we use our ekobrew cups everyday with our favorite coffees saving us a lot of money in k-cups.

    We’ve tried different grinds and different amounts, but we either get weak coffee or it overflows and we get water and/or grounds mixed in.

    Easy to use, and easy to clean.

    Check out the ekobrew Cup on Amazon

  3. Solofill Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig Brewers
    Solofill Cup

    Solofill Cup

    The Solofill Cup is yet another reusable K-Cup. It’s somewhat similar to the ecobrew Cup as it also has the lid and the container connected so you won’t accidentally lose one of the two. This reusable K-Cup comes either in red or black and you can get a single pack, a 2-Pack or a 3-Pack. The Solofill Cup has over 850 customer reviews on Amazon. The average rating is a great 3.8 out of 5 stars.

    Here’s what people think about the Solofill Cup on Amazon:

    I see this little invention as a great way to save money and have options as to the kinds and types of coffee you want to use.

    Easy to use and easy to clean.

    You get coffee silt in the cup due to the fine grind and there is no paper filter.

    Have a look at the Solofill Cup in Red on Amazon

  4. DisposaCups – Disposable Cups for use in Keurig Brewers
    DisposaCups - Disposable Cups for use in Keurig Brewers

    DisposaCups - Disposable Cups for use in Keurig Brewers

    DisposaCups go a different route. They are disposable cups, lids and filters that you simply throw away after use. Based on that criteria alone, they are not environmentally friendly. While all other systems in this comparison are refillable and reusable, the DisposaCup is simply a container that you can fill with your own coffee grounds. So, it helps you in case the beverage you like is not available in a K-Cup, but you certainly won’t help the environment. DisposaCups come at a price of around $12 for 50 cups. At this current time they gained close to 200 customer reviews and ratings and are rated as a solid 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

    Below are a few examples of what customers of the DisposaCups had to say:

    I hated paying so much for my beloved Keurig coffees, the cups work great, they are convenient, easy to use and I can use whatever coffee I choose!!!!!

    These cups were difficult to cap (putting the lids on securely was a comedy show) and they created a mess when used in the Keurig; the water went everywhere.

    Great product, saves a ton of money.

    Check out the DisposaCups on Amazon.

  5. EZ-Cup for Keurig Coffee Machines By Perfect Pod
    EZ-Cup for Keurig Coffee Machines By Perfect Pod

    EZ-Cup for Keurig Coffee Machines By Perfect Pod

    Another available system to replace your standard K-Cups with a reusable and refillable container is the EZ-Cup for Keurig Coffee Machines By Perfect Pod. This container is somewhat unique as it uses disposable paper filters inside. So, you basically have to put a filter into the container and then fill your coffee grounds in to brew a cup. It certainly makes the disposal of the used coffee grounds easier as you simply take the filter out and throw it away (or compost it). The cost for the EZ-Cup Pod is a little under $14 and you have to calculate around $8 to $9 for 50 EZ-Cup filter papers. At the time of writing the EZ-Cup Pod had around 200 reviews on Amazon. Most were positive and the average rating was a great 4.1 out of 5 stars.

    We found a few reviews and feedback from actual customers on Amazon. Here is what they had to say:

    I love this product as a solution to the wasteful and expensive coffee pods for the Keurig Machine.

    With the EZ-Cup paper filters, this makes using your own coffee a breeze.

    I am using a very fine esspresso grind and the iced drink cup size – results are a strong cup of very tasty coffee.

    Have a look at the EZ-Cup for Keurig Coffee Machines By Perfect Pod on Amazon

Looking at all the alternatives you have to use instead of the standard K-Cups we would tend to suggest to go with the ekobrew Cup. It has by far the most reviews and is right on top of the highest ratings. While some people complain about the cleanup, it seems to use as being a smaller issue compared to creating piles of trash day after day. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below!

The Best Uses For Coffee Grounds

What are the best uses for coffee grounds? Well, the best use certainly is to brew a delicious cup of coffee. But what to do with the grounds after you brewed your cup of joe? Toss them out? Well, let’s have a look at a few creative uses for used coffee grounds.

  1. Food for plants – Plants that prefer acidic soils will gladly use your used coffee grounds as their food.
  2. Fridge Deodorant – Simply neutralize unwanted odors in your fridge or freezer by using a bowl of dry coffee grounds inside your fridge or freezer.
  3. Cover up for furniture scratches – You simply steep the grounds and then take a Q-tip to apply some of the liquid (as much as needed) to the scratch in the furniture.
  4. Dye – Steep the used coffee grounds in hot water. It will make brown dye which you can use for paper, fabrics, or Easter eggs. Paper will get an antique look when you steep it in the dye for a minute or two.
  5. Cleaning of stain-resistant items – You can use grounds to remove grease and grime from any sort of stain-resistant tools and dishware. Use a cleaning rag or paper towel and simply place a few teaspoons of grounds on and use it to remove grease. Thoroughly rinse your items after use.
  6. Insect Repellant – Take the grounds and make a ring of them around your plants that you want to have protected. The grounds build a protective border that will keep ants and slugs away.
  7. Reduce dust from ashes – You simply sprinkle a few wet grounds over your ashes before you clean out your fireplace. The wet coffee grounds will keep the ashes contained and significantly reduce dusting from the ashes.
  8. Hand Scrubber – You can use the grounds as an exfoliant. It will remove dead skin and also take care of food related smells like fish or garlic. Simply rub a scoop of coffee grounds between your palms and you’re good to go.
  9. Improve vegetable harvest – Mix your seedlings with grounds before you plant them. This will most certainly increase the nitrogen levels and can help grow your vegetables stronger.
  10. Trap Cockroaches – Build your own cockroach trap. Simply take a jar and fill it with moist coffee grounds. To catch the bugs you simply line the opening of the jar with double-sided tape that’s extra-sticky. The scent of the coffee grounds will pull cockroaches into the trap.

Who knew what you can do with used coffee grounds. We’re sure there’s many other ways. Leave a comment to let us know what you do with used coffee grounds. You can certainly always use the used coffee grounds from your single cup coffee maker. Simply removed the grounds from their container after brewing and use them for any of the ten suggestions we outlined above.

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Brewing A Single Espresso

What is Espresso?

The espresso was invented in the year 1884 in Italy by Turin based Angelo Moriondo. However, the hot beverage which is prepared with a higher concentration of finely ground coffee beans and by forcing hot water through it, gained popularity only by 1901. Due to high pressure brewing, espresso has a unique thick consistency and a lot more suspended particles with foam on top. Mostly espresso prepares the base for preparing cappuccinos, mochas, lattes and macchiato (Italian hot coffee beverages).

Milk Frothing

Most brewing machines have a wand sort of attachment called “Tori”. It is attached to the front of an espresso machine and it uses hot steam to heat and froth milk for hot drinks like Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Cocoa etc. Some brewers have a double pump to brew an espresso shot and froth the mil side by side at the same time. This feature in the coffee just makes it so delectable that one can wish to have it several times in a day and having it from a café would definitely not be a treat to your wallet. This is when consumers consider buying a espresso for home or work.

The market is flooded with coffee machines from single cups to a pot brewer to flavorful brewing to simply frothing. Here, one needs to understand how to distinguish between a single cup espresso brewer from other single coffee brewers. An espresso pod machine is an expensive purchase and hence, prior to purchase, one should definitely look into the types of features that are required from a single coffee brewer.

High-End Single Espresso Brewer

The best espresso single brewing machines termed by the consumers is the Rancilio Silvia which ranks highest because of the brew quality, feasibility to use and functional features. The price is at around $650 for this single cup espresso brewer. For beginners, please note that frothing the milk takes a lot of practice before being able to get to the espresso that is served in a café. Also a separate adapter kit is required on this one, if you wish to use different kinds of brew pods (read different companies). The Adapter kit comes for around $90 more.

Budget Espresso Maker

The budget Espresso maker is the Capresso 303.01 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine with a body made of plastic. This one also has a “tori” for frothing, however, that is placed in a rather awkward style. But reviews say that the machine is able to provide a quite a thick froth to the espresso. The price for this home coffee brewer is around $60.

Check out our Single Coffee Maker Reviews to find the best single serving coffee brewer for you.

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker – Are They Really Good?

What Keurig Stands For

Keurig is a Dutch word for excellence. As a company that leads the single cup coffee making in the US, it does not believe in the philosophy of brewing a full pot of coffee when all you drink is just one cup. In 1998, it launched the revolutionary concept of K-Cup Portion pack where the innovation encouraged people to prepare the perfect single cup of coffee without having to think about wasting a full pot, handling filters or cleaning up after brewing. How much better can it get, when you want the perfect brew in between a hectic day at work or morning rush hour to work!

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker Selections

Unlike Senseo which has a reservoir for 5 cups, Keurig is available in three types of water source systems – Direct Water-line Plumbing, Pour-Over Reservoir and the third one with combined features. The reservoir capacity also ranges from 8 oz. to 90 oz. You can install the one that caters to you best at home or at work. The feature to adjust the brew size is available across most single cup coffee brewers over the counters.

There are a multitude of features that Keurig offers that clearly makes it a wise option to chose when installing single coffee cup makers for staff use. Keurig has an Adjustable Temperature to suit person to person, Digital Display for convenience, Energy Saving Mode that switches off the machine when not in use after a certain time as desired. The Coffee machine also has Multiple Language options; you can play with it to amuse your colleagues on a break. Another patent that Keurig Coffee Maker offers is a Quiet Brew Technology and compatibility with Vending machines.

Keurig – Any Good?

In the category of commercial single cup coffee brewing, Keurig definitely wins it over. The type of variety that Keurig offers is simply outstanding. It has over 200 varieties to choose from in the categories of coffee, tea, hot cocoa and even iced beverages. While some of these selections are available as Keurig as in developed in-house blends, while some are even co-brand developed and promoted. The category types remain the same as in Roasted, Blended and Caffeine content. So, if you are a Barista lover, you can try the Barista Prima Coffeehouse or for that reason, even my favorite recommendation is Twinings of London. All in all, the K-Cup concept from Keurig totally rocks the single sup coffee brewing world.

Want to know whether K Cups are better than Vue packs or the other way around? Have a look at our Keurig Vue V700 vs. Keurig B70 Comparison to see how they compare. You also might want to check out our single cup coffee maker reviews to guide you in finding the best one cup coffee brewer!

What Are Pod Coffee Makers?

Where do Pod Coffee Makers Come From?

The concept comes from nature probably, where in the pods contain seed of life and growth. Depending upon the brand that produces it, a pod may contain a measured amount of ground coffee, condensed milk or even added flavorings. The pods are usually vacuum sealed to protect its contents from outside moisture and oxygen which might tarnish the freshness of the product when finally intended for use. Pods are always intended for a single cup of coffee and work only in conjunction with single coffee makers.

Coffee Pod Makers

Pod coffee makers are coffee brewing systems that force required amounts of hot water through the pods to bring in the flavor in the beverage as per requirement. Various coffee companies have worked on this system to bring about frothing in the beverages to suit user to user requirements.

Pod Coffee Makers vs. Drip Coffee Makers

Pod coffee makers are way better than the drip coffeepots. Although the pods are not re-usable, since all its contents get used in one cup, the pods are not self disposable. The outer packaging has to be removed from the coffeemaker and disposed off separately.

However, that is about all that needs to be done for a pod coffee machine, while on the other hand, filter coffee machines need to be emptied and cleaned which is far more work. Also Pod coffee makers are not as messy as a drip coffeepot. Even making multiple cups of coffee is easier with the Pod machine, since, it can cater to individual beverage requirements whether hot or cold, all in less than a minute, while brew-pots can cater to only one type of beverage. It is typical of the leftover coffee in the brew-pot to turn bitter after a while because of constant warming.

Disadvantages of Pod Coffee Makers

Biggest disadvantage of Pod coffee machines is that most companies custom build their pods for use with only their brand machines. Now, if the coffee pod producer does not have collaborations with the brand of coffee that you prefer, then buying a pod machine is of no use. This is the same if you already possess a coffee machine and are looking to try flavors from another coffee brand, then it is difficult to switch coffee machines, since they are so expensive. Another issue faced by users is that usually even the pods are expensive and for premium flavors, finding it on the shelf is difficult, so mostly pods need to be ordered online.

Have a look at our Pod Coffee Maker Reviews to find the best single serving coffee machine for you. Specifically, have a look at our Senseo 7832/55 Supreme Pod Coffee Maker Review to get information about one of the high-end pod coffee brewers available on the market.

Senseo Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Early Days of Senseo

In February 2001, in the Netherlands, the Dutch company Philips along with coffee roaster Douwe Egberts, developed a simple technique to brew coffee with a rich layer of cream on top. Senseo is a registered trademark for the entire coffee making system which prepares a perfect coffee with coffee and water perfectly balanced in a mild pressure. When the potion is finally put into the cup, there is a frothy coffee layer on top. This system gained immense popularity in the US just a few years back, when people could make their own coffee at home in exactly the same way they used to get it from a take-out.

Senseo Single Cup Coffee Machine

Senseo Single Cup Coffee Machine

Senseo Coffee Makers

The Senseo Coffee Machine designed by Philips has a great design as well as perfect no-worry solution of auto switch off after one hour. The machine is even easy clean, dishwasher-safe with its easily removable parts. With the push of just a button, the Senseo Coffee maker brews steaming hot gourmet coffee in less than a minute.

Then there is the Senseo Supreme – Single Serve Gourmet Coffeemaker. Although the price of this machine is almost 3 times that of the Philips Senseo Coffee maker, this machine has a patent on its single serve design. It not only brews coffee, but also cappuccino. An interactive LCD display advises users of the water level in the machine and provides adjustable coffee brewing. Hence you can customize your quantity on this single coffee maker.

“Magic” Senseo Coffee Pods

The Senseo Coffee Maker is just half the magic by itself. The other half is the “magic” Pods, which were specially designed by and roasted by Douwe Egberts which was founded in 1753. The Pods contain measured coffee amount to suit just one cup. Coffee brewed from these pods have a lovely aroma with a frothy top layer and with the Senseo Coffee Maker, it is so simple to brew a single cup with the reservoir still full to make yet another 4 cups more in quick succession or even in time bursts.

Senseo offers coffee pods in a variety of flavors which range from roasted specialties from all over the world like the Kona Coffee Blend, Kenya Blend, Columbian Blend, French Vanilla, Sumatra and others like a Dark Roast, Espresso, Medium Roast, Decaffeinated etc. Which ever flavor suits your mood, Senseo Coffee Maker has one to offer.

Senseo coffee machine and Senseo coffee pods can be ordered from retailers like, Walmart, Target, in the US or even online on the Senseo store.

Have a look at our Senseo Single Cup Coffee Maker Comparison to find the best Senseo single serving coffee machine for your kitchen. Check out our Senseo 7832/55 Supreme Single Cup Coffee Maker Review to get an in-depth look at one of the high-end Senseo brewers available on the market.

Coffee Talk – Coffee Break: The Impact Of Single Cup Coffee Machines

Single cup coffee machines are available across each brand today and over a price range starting at $20 to $1000 and even above. So, what is it that these single cup coffee machines are providing us really that we consumers are going crazy to get our own cups?

Starbucks Vue Packs

Starbucks Vue Packs

Consumers are savvy about trying out new gadgets these days. There is un-ending curiosity to know and use all the latest technologies that are available in the market, suiting their price range and eases their daily activities. It is not just about the requirement to savour the beverage that one favours most and yet in the comforts of one’s home, that one gets a single cup coffee maker. With age coffee makers are now available with a multitude of features that amuse and thrill the coffee aficionado. There are endless options for customizing your coffee today just with the touch of a button.

Waste through Single Cup Coffee Machines

There is another side to using single cup coffee machines in workplaces. On the Oprah show, it was proved that there is so much waste of finances and disposable paper cups because of single cup coffee vending. But also Oprah made sure to convert this big disadvantage of single cup coffee brewing into an easy advantage.

Simply, “Bring your own cup” and all the permanent employees were asked by the management to bring their own cups and only interns were allowed to use paper cups. This system worked just great in eliminating the extra carbon foot prints that were generated due to the use of a single cup coffee machine. Single cup coffee machines are a great way, where you can use your own cup, drink you own beverage and save 10 cents a day per cup per employee.

Packaging Reduction

Another place where single cup coffee pod manufacturer are struggling is to reduce packaging. Coffee whether in the form of beans or grounded, whether mixed with flavourings or condensed milk needs to be stored in an airtight container until the time, it is used for brewing the beverage. For creating and maintaining such a vacuum sealed condition, foil and plastic packaging needs to be used for the pods.

This kind of packaging needs to be replaced by something which is easily decomposable and environmental friendly. Until today, constant research is being done to come up with a solution, but there has been no fool-proof solution for this problem.

Read through our single cup coffee vending machine reviews to find the best single serving coffee machine for your needs. Check out our Keurig Vue V700 One Cup Coffee Machine Review to see whether the latest single serve coffee system is better with regards to the environmental impact!

Breville Single Cup Coffee Maker

Background on Breville

Breville, an Australian company, founded in Sydney is a popular Kitchen appliances maker since 1932. Mostly, they have been making kitchen products almost similar to the products that are made by the best in their category. However, Breville appliances have very good reviews and in many cases almost better reviews than the best selling brand. For example the Breville toasted sandwich maker almost got people to refer to sandwich makers as “Breville”.

Breville Single Cup Coffee Maker

A Breville Coffee machine is said to be the best single cup coffee maker when compared to the likes of a traditional coffee maker brewing larger quantities. Infact this machine would even provide you with all the different kind of features on it too as available on the larger variety. It has a built in water-filtration system and digital display to go with which keeps the user abreast of any requirements in terms of brew or water.

Breville BKC700XL Single Cup Coffee Maker

Breville BKC700XL Single Cup Coffee Maker

Alike most other machines in this category the Breville has an automatic switch off feature. I think, most of the product designers are in sync with the consumer wanting to do their bit in saving a bit of the natural resources in terms of electricity. However, Breville has this special feature of a timer turn on. So if you have an alarm going at 6.00am then you can literally have the coffee steaming on your bedstead at exactly the same time! And to go along with, you can also chose your flavor to go with it, whether hot or cold in terms of beverage, since Breville coffee makers is built to sync with the K-cups. Now, that can most certainly be called the perfect start to the day.

Issues with the Breville Single Cup Coffee Makers

The most common disadvantage with a Breville Coffee maker is the unavailability of quiet brew option. If you are nature kind of person who soaks up the dawn and feels good to hear the chirping or adore the misty weather outside early in the morning, you would be disappointed with the noise the this single cup coffee brewer makes while brewing. Also, at times, the dispensing needle has shown symptoms of becoming clogged with use. This would need to be cleaned over time and all instructions are actually mentioned on the manual, which makes me wonder, if the manufacturers were aware of this problem and still produce the product without correcting this flaw. For all we want is our home coffee brewer to be hassle free too while serving our best roast whenever we want.

Read through our single serving coffee machine reviews to find the best single cup coffee maker for your needs. We would also suggest that you check on the latest price for the Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Single-Serve Coffeemaker!

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