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Prevent Common Diseases By Drinking Coffee

We do love coffee. Besides that it tastes great, it also can help to prevent diseases. Based on an article in The Daily Meal, coffee is now shown to help reduce joint pain. So, if you work in an office at a desk then you should run and get a few more cups of coffee!

Health Benefits of Coffee

Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee has not always been touted as a drink that’s healthy. In the past it has been connected to heart issues, insomnia, amongst other health issues. Let’s not even talk about what milk, cream and sugar in your coffee add to that…

Anyway, have a look at what The Daily Meal has to say:

And of course, not every study can prove that coffee will really cure any disease on its own. As Dr. Alberto Ascherio, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health said to CNN, it’s more common for a study to find an association between coffee and health effects rather than prove how coffee can prevent diabetes, cancer, or depression.

Still, if coffee is a regular part of your morning (and afternoon, and night) routine, you can rest assured that you’re doing your part for your body. If you’re not a coffee drinker, start slowly, like you would with any new dietary habit. Everyone metabolizes coffee differently — it’s why some people can crash after a cup and others stay up all night after a few sips — but it can still have positive health effects. Seeing as we have a large latte on our desk right now, we’re happy with this news.

See the full article at

So, besides the joint pain, coffee is actually said to help prevent the following diseases:

  • Skin Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Colon Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Ednometrial Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Oral Cancer
  • Depression
  • Death

Check out the article itself to read up on study results, etc. regarding the health benefits of coffee with regards to these diseases. We think that even if it only helps somewhat in the prevention of one of those diseases then it’s worth to continue to drink your coffee everyday!

What do you think? Have any other thoughts on what coffee might be good for or against? Let us know in the comments below!

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Fall Coffee Recipe by Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi is best known as being a host on Top Chef. Maybe not so much known is the fact that she is a spokesperson for Nespresso. On The Daily Meal she shares a video and recipe to spice up your coffee this fall.

Padma Lakshmi Fall Coffee Recipe

Padma Lakshmi Fall Coffee Recipe

The recipe she shares in the video includes typical falls spices like cardamon, nutmeg, roasted almonds and many others. Her thinking is that it adds another layer of aroma.

You can find the video on The Daily Meal.

She also discusses the new Nespresso products — everyone is starting to get Christmas shopping on their minds and Lakshmi is making the case for upgrading your home coffee: “Nespresso has just launched a new machine called the U machine, [which is good] especially if you live in an urban city because it’s very compact.”

We suggest making Lakshmi’s recipe when you sit down to watch the new season of Top Chef Seattle, which will start Nov. 7 at 10 p.m. on Bravo!

Find the whole video and article at The Daily Meal.

As she mentioned, Nespresso is offering a new coffee maker. It’s called the U and it is designed as a compact, personal single serve coffee maker. You can find the U for the best price by clicking this link.

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Single Serve Coffee Sales Increase in 2012 – How Far Will They Go?

In 2012 the Single Serve Coffee Market in the US grew by roughly 80% to $1.8 Billion in sales. The market leader? Well, we all guessed is Keurig with around 60% of the market. Green Mountain Coffee announced that at the end of 2012 12 million US households had a Keurig. This is expected to rise to a staggering 35 million households by 2016. Needless to say, you won’t be alone if you are thinking of buying a single cup coffee maker for your house.

One Cup Coffee Brewing Systems

One Cup Coffee Brewing Systems

It’s also interesting that 49% of consumers that purchase a Keurig or similar system replace their existing coffee maker with it. An impressive third of the overall consumers though buys a Keurig in addition to their existing drip coffee maker. That leads us to believe that in many households a one cup coffee brewer is used for specialty beverages and for guests but not necessarily to brew the morning coffee. has compiled all these facts and figures on their site.

Single serve coffee sales surge 80% to $1bn in 2012, with private label players the new pacesetters

A perfect example of the fact that shoppers are willing to pay a premium for quality and convenience – even in tough times – the growth of the single serve coffee market has been nothing short of meteoric, growing from $1bn in 2011 to more than $1.8bn in 2012, an 80%+ increase.

Check out the whole article at their website.

Single cup brewing system offers convenience and speed but they are certainly not environmentally friendly. However, slowly there are inroads into improving the ecological footprint. More and more companies offer recyclable or biodegradable designs for K-cups and other systems. Mars has introduced a package system that does not need any aluminum foil and thus is completely recyclable. There will be much more to come along those lines in the near future.

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Consumer Reports Tests Single-Serve Coffee Makers

Which are the best single-serve coffee makers?

Consumer Reports has tested over two dozen different single cup coffee makers. They ranged in prices from around $30 to north of $300. The surprising outcome? A high priced brewer doesn’t mean that you’ll get the best coffee.

ABC’s 7 News has picked up the story and featured it in their news shows and online. They highlighted that the test included time to brew, temperature and overall taste as some of the most important factors. Surprisingly a high-end, $300 brewer from Bunn did quite badly.

For people who want a quick cup of coffee at home, a single-serve coffeemaker is an easy option. Just pop in a pod and you can brew a cup to go.

Consumer Reports has tested more than two dozen single-serve coffeemakers from names like Keurig, Mr. Coffee, and Starbucks. They cost anywhere from 25 to 300 dollars.

Check out the whole story at ABC 7 News.

The moral of the story and the Consumer Reports comparison simply shows that more expensive does not mean better. We think that a good Keurig brewer is the best way to go due to the combination of brewing quality and speed as well as the huge selection you can get with regards to beverages.

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Keurig Vue V500 Single Cup Coffee Brewer Review

Review Of The Keurig Vue V500 Single Serve Coffee Brewer

The Keurig Vue V500 rounds up the Vue single cup coffee brewer line. It?s the smaller companion to the V600 and V700 models. Smaller in this case refers to size and not to quality or taste though!

Keurig Vue V500 Single Coffee Maker

Keurig Vue V500 Single Coffee Maker

The V500 is based on Keurig’s Vue brewing system which allows to brew stronger, hotter and larger at the same time. It allows you to personalize your beverage and the V500 offers similar capabilities as the higher-end V600 or V700 do. The main difference is that the water reservoir is smaller and thus the brewer itself is more compact.

Product Features

  • Removable 60 oz. water tank
  • Black and white touchscreen for easy use
  • Brewing temperature ranging from 187° F to 197° F
  • Seven different brew sizes ranging from 4 oz. to 16 oz.
  • Easy personalization settings to change strength and temperature of beverage
  • Drip tray is removable for easy cleaning

Available Vue Brewing System beverages

The Keurig Vue V500 uses Vue packs to brew your beverage. These can be for a one-step brewing cycle like coffees and teas or a two-step cycle like cappuccinos or lattes. There’s a large selection of Vue beverages available for you to choose from. The beverages include hot and cold drinks and range from coffee to tea to hot chocolate based drinks. We collected a few of the most popular varieties below:

You can find a growing selection of different Vue based beverages on Have a look at the Vue coffee varieties and tea varieties. You’ll find a large selection of beverages and you’ll certainly find your own preferred drink.

Best Use

The Keurig Vue V500 has a smaller water tank compared to the V600/V700. You will be able to brew around 7 to 8 regular cups of coffee before you have to refill. This makes the V500 the perfect brewer for a small to average sized family. If you have a lot of coffee drinkers in the house or often have parties and friends over then you might be better of to choose the larger V600 or V700 model.

The Vue V500 needs around 1 minute to brew a beverage. The initial heating time is around 4 minutes at room temperature. This is in line with most other one cup coffee brewers you can get today.

Personalization Features

The Keurig Vue V500 offers similar personalization features as all the other Vue brewers have. You can choose from seven different brew sizes. These range from 4 oz. to 16 oz so you can vary the strength of your beverage across a large selection. Even large travel tumblers can be filled easily with one single brewing cycle.

The temperature can be varied between 187°F to 197°F. The perfect brewing temperature for coffee is around 200°F which means the V500 gets very close. Also, if you are in higher elevations your water can boil sooner so you can adjust the temperature to make sure you’re not using boiling water.

You can also select how strong you want your beverage to brew. The Vue brewing system influences the brewing strength through adjusting the airflow in the brew head, the water pressure, as well as the speed with which the brewing takes place. Typically, a stronger brew will take longer as the Vue technology at that time pulses the brewing cycle. Having a stronger and more tasteful beverage is usually worth the wait though.

The V500 offers a selection of brew cycles. You can choose to brew coffee or tea, brew over ice or pick a two-step brewing cycle for milk based beverages like cappuccinos. There’s also a selection for Hot Cocoa. Picking any of these cycles in combination with a Vue pack will result in a delicious beverage that is brewed to perfection!

Optional Accessories

Anything you’ll need to start brewing your perfect beverage is in the box when you get a Keurig Vue V500. However, there’s a few accessories you might want to look at that might help you organize your Vue packs in your kitchen. One thing that is always helpful is a Keurig Vue Cup Storage Drawer Holder for 25 Vue Pods Packs.

You might also want to consider a reusable Vue pack filter. While a large portion of the Vue packs can be recycled, they still produce more waste than if you would use a reusable filter. Have a look at the Solofill Cup V1 Gold Refillable Filter Cup for Keurig V600/V700 Brewers which is currently the only reusable Vue pack filter available.

Customer Reviews

The Keurig Vue V500 is still very new and thus there’s not a lot of reviews from customers yet. Amazon shows as having 3 customer reviews at the time of writing where all of these reviews rate the V500 at the maximum of 5 stars. Here’s what folks had to say about the Keurig V500 Single Cup Coffee Maker:

… As I said, we are not coffee people but so far so good. This thing makes a fantastic cup of coffee. … (read more)

… Have used the machine for three days and simply love the machine. Coffee was … (read more)

… I’m glad I got the machine. It is slightly different … (read more)

Check out more reviews for the Keurig Vue V500 as they come over time by clicking on the following link: read more


The V500 is a great single cup coffee brewer. We overall like the Vue packs much better than the K Cups as you have more choices in the types of beverages you want to brew. The Keurig Vue V500 rounds out the offerings that Keurig has on their Vue lineup and is a great brewer for the small to average sized family. If you don’t need the large water tank or the 18 oz. brewing option that the V600/V700 offer then you should definitely consider going with the V500. It’ll save you money and it needs less space.

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Keurig Rivo Cappuccino And Latte Brewing System

The new Rivo Cappuccino and Latte system is Keurig’s answer to the Verismo espresso machine from Starbucks. The major difference and improvement that the Rivo system offers is the ability to add real milk rather than milk pods. This allows you to add skim or whole milk, however you like it. This makes the Rivo the first residential brewing system with which you can select what kind of milk you want to froth for your cappuccino or latte.

Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte Brewing System

Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte Brewing System

The Keurig Rivo is a system that consists of two separate components. The one half seems like any typical Keurig system with a water tank. The other part resembles more a brewer that professional baristas use in a coffee shop. The pitcher for the milk is placed adjacent to the espresso brewing part.

Using the Keurig Rivo

The brewer offers five buttons. Three of them are to manipulate the frothing. ‘Latte froth’ creates less foam and more steamed milk. ‘Cappuccino froth’ produces more foam and less steamed milk for your choice of cappuccino or macchiato whereas ‘cold froth’ keeps the milk cold and creates less foam in place of more milk.

No matter which mode you select, the procedure for all three is nearly undetectable. The hissing sound you are used to from professional coffee places when they froth their milk is not present. Now you only have to decide what you mix the frothed milk with. You’ll have roughly 90 seconds while the frothing takes place to make your choice.

Two different brewing sizes

The Rivo offers two different shot sizes; one brief and one long (1.4 oz and 2.8 oz respectively). You will find an array of mixtures to create; among them Lattes, Espresso Con Panna, Espresso Macchiatos, and Americanos.

Currently there are four flavors offered by LAVAZZA. The espresso company worked exclusively to help build the machine. Customers may pick between Delicato, Intenso, Classico and Decaf. Each brew is special and delightful.

Creating three different drinks, one with cold froth, another with hot and one plain coffee, takes little work. As you are expecting from every Keurig, the coffee heat and flavor were on level.

One downside

One grievance we do have is the change in pod dimensions. This will be the next cup size Keurig adds to their distinct coffee machines, this moment much smaller than preceding iterations. This worries us with regards to the shelf life of the product in an ever-expanding and aggressive marketplace.

Alone Keurig has three different pods now, the original K-Cups, the Vue packs and now the Rivo pods. This does add to the confusion of the consumer and could potentially become expensive. The Rivo system is tailored towards espresso based drinks and the hightlight certainly is that you can froth real milk. If that’s your important factor then the Rivo is the system for you. However, if you want individualized coffee drinks where you can vary the strength and temperature then you’ll be best off with the Vue system. If you finally just simply want a good cup of coffee then go for the K-cups.

Availability of the Keurig Rivo Brewing System

The Rivo system will be available exclusively at Bloomingdales until early 2013. After that it’s going to be around on Keurig’s site in addition to additional retailers.

Top 10 Single Cup Coffee Makers In 2012

Looking to buy a new single cup coffee maker? Have a look at our single cup coffee maker reviews. You can find evaluations and assessments on all different kinds of single serve coffee machines, including Senseo, Keurig, Tassimo and others brands. You can be certain to find the brewer for your taste and needs.

In addition to studying reviews it is also a great resource to see what coffee makers are bought by other consumers. Based on sales data from we compile the list of the 10 best selling single cup coffee makers in 2012 every month. Have a look at the most popular brewers below.

The Top 10 Single Cup Coffee Makers in October 2012:


Average Rating:
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Please leave us some feedback if you use any of these single cup coffee makers or other ones. Please share your experiences, thoughts and opinions. The Top 10 Single Cup Coffee Makers in 2012 are the bestselling coffee makers on We are sure this is of help for your research to find the perfect one cup coffee machine for your home. You can find more single cup coffee maker information on our site to help you make the best buying decision.

A Short Dive Into Coffee Maker History

Most people are in love with coffee. There’s something comforting when you smell freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

Ancient Beginnings

Coffee originated from the Sub-Saharan region in Africa. Originally, the green coffee berries where chewed and sometimes mixed with animal fat. A quick energy boosting snack at the time. Based on history that was around 300 AD. Around 500 AD Arabian traders brought the coffee bean to the Arabian Peninsula. The first coffee houses were established around 600 AD in Cairo and Mecca.

Coffee Making History

Coffee Making History

In those early days of coffee making the green coffee beans were taken as a whole together with some leaves and steeped in water. The result was a rather weak tea. In the 1100’s folks in Arabia found out that roasting the green beans over fire and then grinding the roasted beans resulted in a much stronger and more flavorful beverage. This was a true breakthrough in coffee making which we all should be thankful for!

Turkish Coffee

Shortly after this the first coffee making devices were invented. They consisted of a metal pot with a long handle. These devices were called an Ibrik. Ground coffee was mixed with water and brought to a boil. After it boiled the beverage was poured into a cup. Even today you can find the Ibrik still being used in the Middle East. Most know the beverage that’s brewed with them today as “Turkish Coffee”. This is not that much different from the coffee the settlers and cowboys brewed in the west many years ago except that Turkish Coffee includes a hint of cardamom in addition to sugar.

This new standard in coffee making ensured the successful transition from a weak tea to the beloved coffee as we drink it today. Its popularity exploded in the Middle East and Turkey at those times. The Turkish society at that time embraced coffee and it became an essential part of the daily life in Turkey. It lead to a law that was established in the mid 1400’s that it would be a reason for divorce if a husband wouldn’t provide his wife with her daily quote of coffee.

Coffee coming to Europe

Coffee was finally introduced to Europe in the 1600’s. Italian traders brought the coffee to Europe via Venice. At that time the Catholic priests thought that this “Muslim drink” was “Satan’s gift”. There was even a petition to the pope to ban coffee. Luckily, Pope Clemente VIII, wanted to taste the drink before banning it. He liked the taste and there was no ban on the beverage. This started the increase of popularity of coffee throughout Europe.

Coffee coming to America

The first time coffee made it to America was 1607 on board the ship of John Smith, the founder of Jamestown in Virginia. At that time the coffee had to be imported from England. It was the roasted and ground in the colonies. The roasting technique at the time had evolved into a metal drum which was rotated over a wood fire. The grinding had to be performed with one of the various types of hand crank grinders like you can still see them in the museums.

In the 1700’s the coffee plant made its way to the East and West Indies and through the Caribbean Basin and Central and South America. Even though the popularity of coffee and of harvesting coffee rose during those years, there were no major improvements when it comes to coffee making and roasting for a long time. Roasting had to be done regionally as the shelf life of coffee rapidly decreases once it’s roasted. Due to the lack of being able to transport anything quickly and efficiently over long distances the roasting was done locally and close to the time that the coffee actually was consumed. Coffee at that time often was sold unroasted in bags.

In those days the coffee grounds were mixed with water and a lot of attention was given to find a way to prevent the grounds from ending up in the coffee cup. Some designs included a wide bottom which then narrowed and then expanded again in the middle before narrowing again. The hope was to trap the sediments at the wide bottom and have the clear liquid on the top. The thought was that when one poured the coffee then the grounds would either stay at the bottom or be trapped in the middle. The spout was designed similarly so any grounds that made it through the middle would settle in the spout. In addition others tried to use cotton and other cloths to strain the coffee through but most imparted their own flavor onto the coffee. At the time only hemp proved to be a reasonably good straining material.

The First Coffee Filters

The next leap forward in coffee brewing came from the French in the 1700’s. They came up with the idea of using an oversized teabag which was made from linen. The grounds could be poured into the bag and then steeped in boiling water. Linen proved to be flavorless to coffee and the bag trapped all the grounds. The bag had to be washed from time to time. In 1818 a Frenchman also invented the first percolator. These groundbreaking innovations exponentially increased the consumption of coffee.

It was also the French that invented the first espresso machine which was introduced at the Paris Exposition in 1855. Espresso machines use steam pressure to brew finely ground coffee. James Mason patented the first American made percolator in 1865. These percolators were vacuum percolators which had the advantage that the water temperature stays constant. A stove top percolator recirculates boiling water over the grounds. This results in rather bitter coffee.

Another coffee making invention that the French came up with is the “French Press” coffee brewer. This type of coffee maker contains a filter compartment which contains the grounds and that then is lowered into the heated water. After steeping the filter compartment in the water for a few minutes it then gets extracted from the water with a rod. This prevents building up bitterness. This type of coffee maker was invented in the 1890’s and is still in use today.

Coffee Making in the last century

After around 1900 things really took off. A German housewife named Mellita-Bentz innovated and patented the paper coffee filters as we know them today. It was also the time that Satori Kato invented the instant coffee in Chicago. Instant coffee was further refined and made popular by George Constant Washington from England.

With the improvement of transportation across long distances, namely the rail roads, it became possible to roast and grind coffee and then transport it to distant locations. Hills Bros. was the first company that started to market pre-ground and pre-roasted coffee. This in turn lead to the vanishing of the local coffee roasters and grinders around the country. Additionally, many innovations were made to the espresso machines in the mid 20th century. This time these innovations came from Italy.

In 1972 Vincent Marotta invented a machine that’s the basis for many coffee makers today, the Mr. Coffee coffee maker. It didn’t and still doesn’t make the best coffee but it turned coffee making into an easy and fast operation. That’s probably why people fell in love with this type of coffee maker compared to using other coffee making devices which are not as easy to use even though they make better coffee. Later on single cup coffee makers were invented which overall work on the same principle and thus make the same quality of coffee. They add more convenience to the coffee making process but each cup of coffee also costs more. So, it’s fast, convenient and somewhat expensive.

For many, this is so far the best mousetrap when it comes to coffee making. Folks that drink lots and lots of coffee probably do prefer drip coffee makers as they are cheaper.

Starbucks Verismo – A First Glance

The Starbucks Verismo Arrived

Finally it’s here. You can get the first Starbucks single cup coffee maker, the Starbucks Verismo. At this time the purchasing options are somewhat limited and it probably is best to go to the Starbucks website and get your Starbucks Verismo for $199 if you want one. But before you whip your credit card out you should be aware of a few things.

Starbucks Verismo Single Cup Coffee Maker Black

Starbucks Verismo Single Cup Coffee Maker Black

Features at a Glance

  • Let’s you make espresso and coffee beverages with a high-pressure brewing system.
  • Ready to use after only around 15 seconds!
  • Different temperature settings for optimized coffee brewing and steaming of milk.
  • Drip tray is adjustable in height to accommodate different cup sizes.
  • Easy cleaning through built-in rinse cycle
  • Container for used coffee pods holds up to 10 used pods.

Overview and Details

The Starbucks Verismo is technically an espresso maker. The closest to compare it to is the Nespresso line of single serve brewers. At this time the only brand of espresso/coffee you will get for the Verismo is Starbucks. So, if you crave variety then at this time you are better waiting to see whether, or better if, any other coffee brand will provide pods for the Verismo.

The Verismo is designed to provide delicious espresso based drinks. This would be plain espresso, lattes, or cappuccinos. Starbucks does also offer their coffee varieties like the Veranda Blend and others. However, the brewer targets the high-end market. If you don’t drink any of the espresso based drinks then you’ll honestly be better off with a Keurig B70 or even the Keurig Vue V700. In addition to the espresso/coffee pods you can also put milk pods into the brewer. These will steam at a different temperature and help to make a perfect cup of latte as you would otherwise get it in the store.

Starbucks Verismo Single Cup Coffee Maker Burgundy

Starbucks Verismo Single Cup Coffee Maker Burgundy

Starbucks Verismo Single Cup Coffee Maker Champagne

Starbucks Verismo Single Cup Coffee Maker Champagne

Starbucks Verismo Single Cup Coffee Maker Silver

Starbucks Verismo Single Cup Coffee Maker Silver

When you look at the pricing then the Verismo’s price seems reasonable. You can find other single cup coffee makers which cost a lot more while you certainly also can find them much cheaper. The prices for the coffee pods themselves are somewhat steep. You get the regular coffee pods for currently $11.95 per pack of 12. This does compare to what you pay for Starbucks K-Cups but you can certainly get K-Cups, Vue packs or even Tassimo T-Disks cheaper than that if you don’t have to go for the Starbucks name.

Our verdict at this time

If you drink no other type of coffee than Starbucks and you specifically like their espresso based drinks then this is a match made in heaven. However, if you prefer varieties of coffee and like other brands better, or if you never drink the Starbucks espresso based drinks then you will be better off with a Keurig K-Cup or Vue solution.

Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker Review

Review Of The Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker is Keurig’s newest brewing system. It’s no longer based on the well-known Keurig K-Cups but instead uses the new Keurig Vue Cups. The difference? You can personalize your coffee, or as Keurig puts it: Brew what you love, the way you love it. Another nice touch is that a large portion of the Vue Cups is actually recyclable. This will make it easier for the environmentally conscious coffee drinker to switch to the new Vue system. The disadvantages are the higher price of the brewer and the currently limited availability of Vue cups themselves. Let’s have an in-depth look at the Keurig Vue V700 brewer below.

Product Features of the Keurig Vue V700

  • Removable 74 oz. water tank
  • Color touchscreen allowing for easy and simple use of the brewer
  • Set the brewing temperature of the water to fit the beverage you’re brewing. Temperature adjustments ranging from 187° F to 197° F
  • Eight different brew sizes: 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz., 12 oz., 14 oz., 16 oz., and 18 oz.
  • Different brew settings to allow personalized brewing of extra strong beverages, foamy drinks (e.g. latte’s), and others
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker

Available beverage varieties

The Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker is not based on the K Cup brewing system and the Vue cups it uses are not compatible with the established K Cups. There is a growing selection of available Vue beverages. You can find coffee varieties and flavors from a lot of different brand names in addition to tea varieties and hot chocolates that will want you to have more. Below is a quick selection of the different coffee varieties in Vue cups you can find:

Amazon has a large selection of available Keurig Vue Cups from many different roasters. Check out the different Vue coffee varieties and Vue tea varieties that are available. The selection is growing daily and you’ll be able to find your beverage of choice in a Vue cup!

Best use of the Vue V700 Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker has a water reservoir that holds enough water to brew around 10 regular cups of coffee. This makes the Keurig Vue V700 a great single cup coffee machine for the average to large family. Especially when there’s more than one or two coffee drinkers in the house. The size of the water tank in combination to the wide range of brewing choices makes the V700 an ideal beverage station for when you have friends and family over.

You can brew a cup of coffee with the Vue V700 within 30 seconds to 1 minute, depending on strength and size settings. This is the usual speed of most single cup coffee makers today and results in around 7 or 8 cups of coffee within a 10 minute time span. This, in combination with the large water reservoir, makes this brewer a good fit in case you like to entertain and at times have a lot of people over.

Personalization features of the Keurig V700

Personalization of the brewed beverage is where the Keurig Vue V700 shines. Not only can you choose from eight (yes, 8!) different brewing sizes, ranging from 4 oz. to 18 oz, you also can vary the brewing temperature by 10° F, ranging from 187°F to 197°F! The best brewing temperature for coffee is close/around to 200°F so the V700 gets very very close which results in delicious coffee flavor in your cup. Being able to fill a large travel mug in one brew is another outstanding feature that most other single serve coffee brewers cannot compete with.

The Vue V700 additionally allows to select whether you want to brew strong. Where the old K Cup based brewers only brewed one specific way, the V700 allows to brew stronger coffee. This is done through the ‘Strong’ brew setting which adjusts the water pressure, airflow and timing of the brew cycle resulting in a stronger brewed beverage. The Keurig Vue V700 brews stronger coffee through a pulsing brew cycle which needs more time but results in a richer taste of the beverage.

Lastly, the V700 has pre-set brew cycles you can choose from. These allow you to brew specialty beverages easily. The Vue V700 uses a two step brewing process to allow to brew specialty drinks like lattes or cappuccinos. The first cycle is with a ‘frother’ or milk Vue cup which is then followed by a second cup which is the coffee Vue cup. This is the same process that has been used with the Tassimo and Nescafe specialty drinks. However, for a Keurig product is new. The result is that you get delicious, rich lattes and cappuccinos that taste like you’d expect them to taste in a coffee bar.

Optional Accessories

While the V700 certainly contains all the elements you need to brew a great cup of coffee, there’s always a few accessories you might want to look at to simplify life. One of those accessories to consider is the Single Serve V-Cup Coffee Baskets that allows you to store and display your Vue cups. That will make it easy for guests to pick a Vue cup and start brewing their preferred beverage.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

There are not yet a lot of customer reviews for the Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker on Most of the reviews that are available on Amazon are very posisive. At the time of writing this review, there were 18 reviews with an average of 3.5 out of 5 possible stars. Below are a few examples of what people wrote about the Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker:

First things first: Flavor seems much better – not that the old Keurig brewed bad coffee- but this just seems…fresher? Also,… (read more)

After a full weekend of putting this beast through its paces, I have to say, it’s fantastic. I did all kinds of brewing, comparing it to … (read more)

I have tried the special coffee options of the Cappuccino and the vanilla latte and really like both. The French brew is very smooth hardly bitter at all and the Italian is really strong and a bit bitter just like you would expect. If you … (read more)

All I can say, is WOW. Have been using it for a week and I am loving the Vue! Coffee seems hotter (temp is set to 192, same as my B70 was). Flavor is incredible. I have… (read more)

The average rating for the Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker on is 3.5 out of 5 stars at the time of writing this review. Click here for more customer reviews of the Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker


We really liked the Keurig Vue V700. It’s in our opinion a huge improvement over the regular Keurig K Cup brewers and is right up there with the Tassimo brewers. The over-sized water tank is great and the personalization options are simply incredible. The coffee tastes fantastic and in our opinion is much better than what we got before with the K Cups. This single cup coffee maker is a great buy for a family that likes to drink hot beverages fresh and tasty.

The only downside we see at this time is that there’s not that many varieties and flavors around. However, in our opinion this will change in the short term so it won’t be an issue anymore. Even Starbucks already announced that they will provide their coffee beverages for the Keurig Vue system.

Find current pricing and specials on the Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker on Find more single cup coffee maker reviews to find the best coffee brewer for your needs.

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