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Single Cup Coffee Brewers Compared

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We recommended the Bosch Tassimo Single Cup Brewer because of some of the unique features that it offers. Like the Keurig brewers, the Tassimo has a large capacity water reservoir to make the brewing time as quick as possible. Unlike the Keurig offerings, the Tassimo uses “T-Discs” instead of K-Cups. These proprietary discs allow the consumer to brew coffee, tea, cappuccino and a variety of other beverages with the same convenience of the K-Cup. The Bosch version of this unit has some great improvements over the older Braun version. It is quieter, narrower for better storage and brews a bit faster. Overall, this is a great unit and compares well to the Keurig systems. The only drawback from our perspective was that we felt there were better coffee choices in the K Cup systems. But if you are a fan of the T Disc, then this may be the single cup coffee brewer for you.

The Breville Single Cup Brewer is one of the other systems we considered in our search. This is probably one of the most attractive brewers that we looked at with its stainless steel finish and a large, illuminated led screen and lighted 60 ounce water tank. This unit uses the same K Cups as the regular Keurig models and features a replaceable water filter and a very cool iced beverage setting. The Breville unit features several brew sizes and variable brewing temperatures as well. Even though It takes a bit longer to brew a cup with this unit, it gets points for attractiveness and the fact that it uses the K-Cup.

So if you are still searching for the perfect brewer, you have some great choices. We preferred the Keurig single cup brewers, but many customers are very satisfied with the Breville and Bosch models, a couple of very high-quality units in their own right.

I’ve spent a bunch of time talking about our personal purchasing choices with respect to single cup coffee brewers. Most of this discussion has focused on the Keurig brand brewers, so I would like to do a little review of a couple other brewers to give you an idea of some of the things I looked at before I made my choice. For more details, visit our Single Cup Coffee Brewer page.

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