Coffee Talk – Coffee Break: The Impact Of Single Cup Coffee Machines

Single cup coffee machines are available across each brand today and over a price range starting at $20 to $1000 and even above. So, what is it that these single cup coffee machines are providing us really that we consumers are going crazy to get our own cups?

Starbucks Vue Packs

Starbucks Vue Packs

Consumers are savvy about trying out new gadgets these days. There is un-ending curiosity to know and use all the latest technologies that are available in the market, suiting their price range and eases their daily activities. It is not just about the requirement to savour the beverage that one favours most and yet in the comforts of one’s home, that one gets a single cup coffee maker. With age coffee makers are now available with a multitude of features that amuse and thrill the coffee aficionado. There are endless options for customizing your coffee today just with the touch of a button.

Waste through Single Cup Coffee Machines

There is another side to using single cup coffee machines in workplaces. On the Oprah show, it was proved that there is so much waste of finances and disposable paper cups because of single cup coffee vending. But also Oprah made sure to convert this big disadvantage of single cup coffee brewing into an easy advantage.

Simply, “Bring your own cup” and all the permanent employees were asked by the management to bring their own cups and only interns were allowed to use paper cups. This system worked just great in eliminating the extra carbon foot prints that were generated due to the use of a single cup coffee machine. Single cup coffee machines are a great way, where you can use your own cup, drink you own beverage and save 10 cents a day per cup per employee.

Packaging Reduction

Another place where single cup coffee pod manufacturer are struggling is to reduce packaging. Coffee whether in the form of beans or grounded, whether mixed with flavourings or condensed milk needs to be stored in an airtight container until the time, it is used for brewing the beverage. For creating and maintaining such a vacuum sealed condition, foil and plastic packaging needs to be used for the pods.

This kind of packaging needs to be replaced by something which is easily decomposable and environmental friendly. Until today, constant research is being done to come up with a solution, but there has been no fool-proof solution for this problem.

Read through our single cup coffee vending machine reviews to find the best single serving coffee machine for your needs. Check out our Keurig Vue V700 One Cup Coffee Machine Review to see whether the latest single serve coffee system is better with regards to the environmental impact!

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