Comparing the Vue Brewers V500, V600 and V700

The Vue brewing systems were introduced by Keurig a while ago. Since then the lineup of Vue brewers was constantly evolving and today covers three different brewers for home use as well as two brewers for office use. The first brewer for the Vue packs was the V700. This is even today the high-end model of the Vue brewers for home use.

The V600 was introduced a few months ago and is slightly cheaper than the V700. Just a few weeks ago the V500 model was introduced. It’s a cheaper alternative to the V600 and V700 and is overall a more compact build.

Keurig at this time also offers two Vue brewer models for office use. Both the V1200 and the V1255 are priced higher than any of the home models. They also do not offer any further capabilities besides having larger water reservoirs and allowing to store more Vue packs in the disposal tray.

The Vue Brewing System – What Is It?

Keurig to this day is still best known for the K-Cup brewing system. There are numerous brewers for home and office use and more beverage varieties than we could list in one article. The system is proven, it brews good coffee and it’s very convenient.

The Vue brewing system is somewhat similar to the K-Cup system except that you can brew on a more personalized level. You can change the brew temperature, size, and strength. One other nice thing about the Vue pack is that most of it can be recycled. That was not the case for the K-Cups which basically can’t be recycled except in some locations.

Typically a K-Cup brewer allowed to brew a beverage in a range of different sizes depending on the model. Some models also offered a slight variation in brew temperature settings to be able to extract the most aroma out of a beverage.

The Vue brewers offer a much wider range of brewing sizes as well as brew temperatures. The wide range of temperatures allows to get the brew temperature higher and thus extract more aroma out of your coffee. The temperature on all Vue brewing systems can be adjusted between 187° F to 197° F.

Another nice feature of the Vue brewing technology is the different sizes you can brew in. The home brewers offer either seven or eight different brew sizes. The K-Cup machines were not able to offer such a wide range.

Three Different Vue Brewers for Home Use

Keurig at this time offers three different Vue based brewers that are designed to be used at home. They range in MSRP pricing from around $170 to around $200. You can find better prices for the different models when you click the links below.

The Keurig Vue V700

The high-end model in the Vue brewer lineup is the V700. It comes with a programmable color display and has a water reservoir with a 74oz. capacity which is large enough even for a family with several coffee drinkers.

The V700 comes with the option to brew beverages in eight different sizes. These sizes range from 4 oz. to 18 oz. They are divided into 2 oz. increments (4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16oz, 18 oz). This allows to brew anything from small espressos up to filling a large travel mug in one brewing cycle. There’s even a specific setting for brewing over ice to create delicious iced drinks.

May hot beverages like coffee develop more aroma when they are brewed at or near their perfect temperature. For coffee the perfect temperature is around 200°F. The Vue brewing technology in the V700 as well as the V500 and V600 offers a temperature range between 187° F to 197° F. In reality many people won’t change the temperature to brew at near perfect temperature but simply because they like their beverage hotter or not so hot which is exactly what the Vue brewers allow you to do.

While size and temperature have an influence on the strength of the brewed beverage, there’s also the additional factors of speed, water pressure and timing, and air flow that impact how strong a beverage gets. The Vue brewing system allows to change all these factors through specifying how strong you want your brewed beverage to be. That’s a huge step forward in personalization compared to many other single serve coffee brewing systems out on the market.

The Keurig Vue V600

The V600 is nearly identical to the V700. The differences being that it has a black and white display instead of a color display and that some of the chrome parts are in black plastic. All other specifications are exactly the same.

The other difference is that the V600 is around $10 cheaper than the V700. The V700 looks overall somewhat more sophisticated and stylish as it offers the chrome accessories. The color display vs. the black and white display is a nice touch but not necessary in our opinion.

The Keurig Vue V500

The Vue V500 is the latest model from Keurig. It is more compact compared to the somewhat large V600/V700 design. This comes at the price of having a smaller water reservoir of 60 oz. vs. the 74 oz. in the larger models.

The V500 also does not brew an 18 oz. cup. It offers seven different brew sizes that range from 4 oz. to 16 oz. This should however be sufficient for most brewing needs as the 18 oz. size is not really that common.

All other specifications are basically identical between the three different models. The V500 is the cheapest brewer of the three and is around $30 cheaper than the V700. If you want to save the money and you don’t need the 18 oz. brewing size then go for the V500.


There’s no clear winner when you look at the three different brewers. In our opinion Keurig could do away with the V600 as it’s not so much cheaper than the V700 while offering basically the same features except that it looks cheaper.

The V500 is more compact in size while also being quite a bit cheaper. If you have a small kitchen or if you don’t have many coffee drinkers in your family then the Vue V500 is probably the best choice.

If there’s a lot of coffee drinkers in the house or if you have guests over often then go for the V700. You’ll be happy to not having to refill the water tank that often in that case.

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