How To Clean Your Single Cup Coffee Maker

It’s the same story with all household and kitchen appliances. After a while they get dirty and need a good cleaning. That’s no different for your single cup coffee maker.

What do you need to clean your single cup coffee maker?

To give your single cup coffee maker a thorough cleaning, you will need some white vinegar, all-purpose cleaner, a dish cleaning cloth, and a toothbrush. Instead of a toothbrush you can also use a Q-Tip.

Like with any coffee machine, you will have to clean it once in a while. How often? Well, that depends on how often you use your coffee machine as well as the consistency of the water you use. If you use distilled or filtered water, you will usually need to clean less compared to using tap water.

In many cases when you use tap water you will have a lot of minerals like calcium in your water. This builds up inside the brewing mechanism of your single cup coffee maker and these deposits eventually can break your brewer.

Descaling your one cup coffee maker

Now, that’s usually a long time before that happens but what you more often will experience is that it’ll take longer for your cup of coffee to brew. Cleaning the mineral deposits is easy. You simply run through a descaling cycle on your single cup coffee maker. You simply run through a few brewing cycles on your single cup coffee brewer by using white vinegar instead of water.

Make sure that you won’t use any coffee pod, K-Cup, Vue Pack or T-Disk while you descale your coffee maker with white vinegar. Once you ran through a few cups using the vinegar, you wash out the water reservoir and fill it with water. Now simply run a few brewing cycles with water to get rid of the vinegar in the system.

Cleaning the rest of your single serve coffee machine

Now that your brewing mechanism is clean, you’ll need to clean the rest of the single cup coffee maker. Look through the manufacturers instructions to see what parts can be removed and which of them are dishwasher safe. There will usually be parts that you can put in the dishwasher, like the drip tray, water reservoir and coffee pod holder. Wash them in the dishwasher!

Now clean the area where you put your coffee pod, K-Cup, etc. with a toothbrush. Remove all coffee grinds and scrub those parts down. The rest of your single cup coffee brewer you simply wipe down with a wet cloth with a little all-purpose cleaner. After the parts come out of the dishwasher you simply put your brewer back together and it’s clean as can be.

You shouldn’t need more than 15 to 10 minutes to perform a thorough cleaning and descaling of your single cup coffee maker. On average you probably have to do this routing once every three to six months but, as mentioned above, that will depend on how often you use your brewer.

If your coffee maker is beyond cleaning or if you simply are interested in looking at a single serve coffee machine, then check out our single cup coffee maker reviews.

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