Keurig Office Vue V1200 Brewing System Coming In Fall 2012

The Keurig Office Vue V1200 Brewing System is announced to come in Fall 2012. As the name states, it’s an office brewer and it’s based on Keurig’s new Vue Packs. Besides all the additional features and improvements that the Vue packs provide compared to the K Cups, the V1200 single cup coffee maker has a very important additional feature. It integrates RFID technology into the brewing process. What does that mean?

Keurig and other roasters will provide Vue packs for the office which have RFID chips in them. These RFID chips encode information on the best brewing settings for the beverage. The Keurig Office Vue V1200 single cup coffee maker has a matching RFID reader to read the information from the Vue pack. The information stored on the RFID chip includes the amount of water, the water temperature, the water pressure and timing and the airflow. All this technology is meant to result in a one button, perfect brewing cycle for each beverage.

Keurig Office Vue V1200 Brewing System

Keurig Office Vue V1200 Brewing System

The Keurig Office Vue V1200 Brewing System with RFID Reader will use special Vue packs that are specifically tailored to the office coffee market. It is at this time unknown whether the consumer Vue cups will also work with the Vue V1200 single cup coffee brewer. There’s also no information on what varieties of coffee, tea, and other hot and cold beverages will be available with the RFID Vue packs. More information should be available the closer the launch timeframe of Fall 2012 comes.

A few key features you can expect from the Keurig Vue V1200 single cup coffee maker:

  • Brew different sizes with adjustable beverage strength to fill small cups or large travel mugs. This will partially depends on using Vue packs that contain grinds in the right amount for the different brewing sizes.
  • The Keurig Vue system offers custom brew technology. This allows you to brew the beverage your way – be it strong or regular. The integrated strength control allows you to brew the wya you like it.
  • The brewing temperature can be set across a wide range allowing to brew the beverages at their best brewing temperature which in turn results in a more flavorful cup.
  • The usage of RFID in the office brewers allows to perfectly set the Vue single cup coffee maker so the resulting beverage is brewed perfectly. The Keurig Office Vue V1200 brewing system will automatically adjust the brewing process for the specific beverage.
  • The Keurig Vue system allows to customize the brewing process. You can adjust the brew timing, the water pressure, water temperature and the airflow. This means that the beverage you get is brewed perfectly to your liking. You also can created frothy beverages through the use of the air-infusion technology.

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