Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker – Are They Really Good?

What Keurig Stands For

Keurig is a Dutch word for excellence. As a company that leads the single cup coffee making in the US, it does not believe in the philosophy of brewing a full pot of coffee when all you drink is just one cup. In 1998, it launched the revolutionary concept of K-Cup Portion pack where the innovation encouraged people to prepare the perfect single cup of coffee without having to think about wasting a full pot, handling filters or cleaning up after brewing. How much better can it get, when you want the perfect brew in between a hectic day at work or morning rush hour to work!

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker Selections

Unlike Senseo which has a reservoir for 5 cups, Keurig is available in three types of water source systems – Direct Water-line Plumbing, Pour-Over Reservoir and the third one with combined features. The reservoir capacity also ranges from 8 oz. to 90 oz. You can install the one that caters to you best at home or at work. The feature to adjust the brew size is available across most single cup coffee brewers over the counters.

There are a multitude of features that Keurig offers that clearly makes it a wise option to chose when installing single coffee cup makers for staff use. Keurig has an Adjustable Temperature to suit person to person, Digital Display for convenience, Energy Saving Mode that switches off the machine when not in use after a certain time as desired. The Coffee machine also has Multiple Language options; you can play with it to amuse your colleagues on a break. Another patent that Keurig Coffee Maker offers is a Quiet Brew Technology and compatibility with Vending machines.

Keurig – Any Good?

In the category of commercial single cup coffee brewing, Keurig definitely wins it over. The type of variety that Keurig offers is simply outstanding. It has over 200 varieties to choose from in the categories of coffee, tea, hot cocoa and even iced beverages. While some of these selections are available as Keurig as in developed in-house blends, while some are even co-brand developed and promoted. The category types remain the same as in Roasted, Blended and Caffeine content. So, if you are a Barista lover, you can try the Barista Prima Coffeehouse or for that reason, even my favorite recommendation is Twinings of London. All in all, the K-Cup concept from Keurig totally rocks the single sup coffee brewing world.

Want to know whether K Cups are better than Vue packs or the other way around? Have a look at our Keurig Vue V700 vs. Keurig B70 Comparison to see how they compare. You also might want to check out our single cup coffee maker reviews to guide you in finding the best one cup coffee brewer!

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