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Frozen Coffee Ice Cubes In Bailey’s

Need a good idea what to do with your coffee? Simply make frozen coffee ice cubes which you then can use in a glass of Bailey’s. Simply delicious! If you don’t like Bailey’s then simply substitute with your favorite drink. Maybe Kahlua’s? Or simply in milk and then let them slowly dissolve? Let us know […]

Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker Review

Review Of The Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker The Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker is an office brewing system by Keurig that is based on the Vue brewing technology. It is designed for small and medium sized offices and allows office workers to brew a cup of their favorite beverage when […]

Top 10 Single Cup Coffee Makers In 2012

Looking to buy a new single cup coffee maker? Have a look at our single cup coffee maker reviews. You can find evaluations and assessments on all different kinds of single serve coffee machines, including Senseo, Keurig, Tassimo and others brands. You can be certain to find the brewer for your taste and needs. In […]

A Short Dive Into Coffee Maker History

Most people are in love with coffee. There’s something comforting when you smell freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Ancient Beginnings Coffee originated from the Sub-Saharan region in Africa. Originally, the green coffee berries where chewed and sometimes mixed with animal fat. A quick energy boosting snack at the time. Based on history that was […]

Starbucks Verismo – A First Glance

The Starbucks Verismo Arrived Finally it’s here. You can get the first Starbucks single cup coffee maker, the Starbucks Verismo. At this time the purchasing options are somewhat limited and it probably is best to go to the Starbucks website and get your Starbucks Verismo for $199 if you want one. But before you whip […]

Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker Review

Review Of The Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker The Keurig Vue V700 Single Cup Coffee Maker is Keurig’s newest brewing system. It’s no longer based on the well-known Keurig K-Cups but instead uses the new Keurig Vue Cups. The difference? You can personalize your coffee, or as Keurig puts it: Brew what you […]

How To Clean Your Single Cup Coffee Maker

It’s the same story with all household and kitchen appliances. After a while they get dirty and need a good cleaning. That’s no different for your single cup coffee maker. What do you need to clean your single cup coffee maker? To give your single cup coffee maker a thorough cleaning, you will need some […]

AeroPress Coffee Maker – A Different Kind Of Single Cup Coffee Maker!

Many of use can’t live without having a good cup of coffee a few times a day. But, there’s a lot of people who don’t like coffee very much. Why? Well, sometimes you might get a more or less bitter cup of coffee and for a lot of people that’s just not to their taste. […]

The Cafino Coffee Maker – An Immersion Coffee Brewer Like No Other

A different kind of coffee maker We all like the convenience of personal coffee brewers. There’s different approaches to it ranging from small french presses to the well-known pod based coffee makers. Most sold are by far the pod based coffee makers, namely the Keurig machines. But, is there a new contender in town? Well, […]

Coffee On The Go – Have Your Coffee In The New Fiat 500L

Get your morning espresso in the new Fiat 500L Fiat introduced a new car that will hopefully make it to the US with the newest gadget that is available in Europe. What’s so special about it? It has its own, built-in espresso maker. So, while you’re driving you can make a quick cup of fresh […]

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