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Drink Coffee And Live Longer?

There’s been recent studies that have shown that regular coffee drinkers might live longer. There’s no proof what exactly it is that makes coffee drinkers live longer but somehow they do. Not by a significant amount but enough to be noticed. Drink as much as you want? Does that mean you should drink nothing else […]

The Story Of Coffee – What Are We Drinking?

We’re having one or many cups every day. We like it. Some crave it. Others can’t live without it. Coffee! But really, most people don’t know the story behind it. Coffee Legends Based on legend, coffee might have been found and used in the year 850 in Ethiopia. It is said that a goat herder […]

Reusable K-Cups And K-Cup Alternatives Compared – Are They Any Good?

What are reusable K-Cups and K-Cup Alternatives? One of the downsides of using a Keurig based K-Cup single cup coffee maker is that the K-Cups are not very environmentally friendly. You use them once and then you have to throw away the whole container as there’s really nothing that can be recycled. Another issue with […]

The Best Uses For Coffee Grounds

What are the best uses for coffee grounds? Well, the best use certainly is to brew a delicious cup of coffee. But what to do with the grounds after you brewed your cup of joe? Toss them out? Well, let’s have a look at a few creative uses for used coffee grounds. Food for plants […]

Marley Coffee Launches Keurig-Compatible RealCup Portion Pack

The Difference is Inside! Marley Coffee of LA announced that they will launch a new single cup coffee system that is compatible with the Keurig K-Cups. The Marley RealCup single cup coffee portion pack looks similar to a K-Cup. The difference is inside the container where Marley uses a different filtration system compared to the […]

Brewing A Single Espresso

What is Espresso? The espresso was invented in the year 1884 in Italy by Turin based Angelo Moriondo. However, the hot beverage which is prepared with a higher concentration of finely ground coffee beans and by forcing hot water through it, gained popularity only by 1901. Due to high pressure brewing, espresso has a unique […]

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker – Are They Really Good?

What Keurig Stands For Keurig is a Dutch word for excellence. As a company that leads the single cup coffee making in the US, it does not believe in the philosophy of brewing a full pot of coffee when all you drink is just one cup. In 1998, it launched the revolutionary concept of K-Cup […]

What Are Pod Coffee Makers?

Where do Pod Coffee Makers Come From? The concept comes from nature probably, where in the pods contain seed of life and growth. Depending upon the brand that produces it, a pod may contain a measured amount of ground coffee, condensed milk or even added flavorings. The pods are usually vacuum sealed to protect its […]

Senseo Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Early Days of Senseo In February 2001, in the Netherlands, the Dutch company Philips along with coffee roaster Douwe Egberts, developed a simple technique to brew coffee with a rich layer of cream on top. Senseo is a registered trademark for the entire coffee making system which prepares a perfect coffee with coffee and […]

Coffee Talk – Coffee Break: The Impact Of Single Cup Coffee Machines

Single cup coffee machines are available across each brand today and over a price range starting at $20 to $1000 and even above. So, what is it that these single cup coffee machines are providing us really that we consumers are going crazy to get our own cups? Consumers are savvy about trying out new […]

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