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Affordable Choices for Brewing Great Single-cup Coffee at Home

Being able to brew your own coffee at home is a great way to get the pick-me-up that you want with the convenience that you need, but if you do not drink a lot of coffee then you could end up making too much with a traditional coffee maker. Single-cup coffee makers are available, but many people shy away from them because they worry that they simply may not work as well as larger coffee makers or that they cost more than they are worth. There are affordable single-cup solutions to help you make the coffee that you want at home, without sacrificing the quality of your coffee or having to settle for a second-rate coffee maker; you simply have to know where to look and what to look for.

Brookstone’s Stainless Steel Single-Cup Coffee Maker

Combining functionality with style, Brookstone offers a single-cup coffee maker that should not break the bank. For under you get a stylish coffee maker that goes well with almost any décor, packed full of features that can help you to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with very little effort on your part. The Brookstone stainless steel single-cup coffee maker comes with a travel cup, a permanent mesh filter. This eliminates the need for a disposable filter. It also features a coffee scoop that is the perfect size so that you can fix exactly one cup of coffee. The double-walled stainless steel construction ensures that your coffee stays hot while also making sure that your Brookstone coffee maker is not going to break.

Hamilton Beach JavaOne Pod Brewer

Pod brewing is a popular option for single-cup coffee makers, but many pod-brewing coffee makers are prohibitively expensive. The Java One pod brewer from Hamilton Beach offers the convenience of pod brewing without the cost, as it can be purchased for or less. You should not have to worry about keeping up with filters, since the coffee pods that the JavaOne uses contain all of the coffee grounds within a sealed filter pod so that you can brew your coffee and then throw the pod away. Your coffee brews quickly, and you can clean up your JavaOne coffee maker just as quickly once you are finished. Though you are limited to the coffee blends that are available in Java One pods, everything from Columbian decaf to French Roast and even Earl Gray tea are available in pods.

Keurig Mini Brewing System

Weighing in at the higher end of the “affordable” spectrum, the Keurig Mini Brewing System costs just under (though this price includes 10 of the Keurig K-Cup coffee portions as well.) Using the Keurig Mini Brewing System, you can heat eight ounces of water in around three minutes, letting you brew a single cup of coffee in very little time. The Mini Brewing System uses Keurig’s patented K-Cup portion system, eliminating the need for filters; you simply place one of the K-Cups (which are about the size and shape of a coffee creamer package) into the coffee maker and start your brew cycle. The coffee maker penetrates the K-Cup’s lid and begins brewing the coffee inside of it, and you can simply throw away the used K-Cup once your cup of coffee has finished brewing. Cleanup is easy, and the Mini Brewing System is compact enough that you can take it with you when travelling or store it easily at home.

Black & Decker Cup-at-a-Time Coffee Maker

If you are looking for an economy single-cup coffee maker, the Black & Decker Cup-at-a-Time coffee maker is the way to go. Available for under , the Cup-at-a-Time may not have all of the advanced features of some of the other single-cup coffee makers on the market but it can still brew a good cup of coffee. The permanent mesh filter can be used by itself or in conjunction with disposable cone filters, holding enough coffee grounds for making a single cup of coffee. The Cup-at-a-Time coffee maker requires you to supply your own cup, but it accepts any cup with an 8-ounce to 12-ounce capacity. The coffee maker can also be used to brew hot water for tea, hot cocoa, and other items such as instant noodles and single-serve soups.


Many people enjoy brewing coffee, but traditional coffee makers sometimes brew more than you want. This is the main advantage of choosing a one-cup coffee-brewing product. The one-cup system allows you to brew just enough coffee for your morning pick-me-up. There are many products to choose from which all have their own set of features. When choosing a one-cup coffee brewer, you should take into consideration the price and which features you are looking. Although it is expensive, the Keurig Mini Brewing System is feature rich and it can create the perfect cup of coffee that you would expect.


Suzanne Bradley is a freelance writer who writes about style and living, often offering suggestions about certain brands of products to try such as Keurig.


Suzanne Bradley is a freelance writer who writes about style and living, often offering suggestions about certain brands of products to try such as Keurig.

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Single Cup Coffee Maker Makes A Great Cup Of Fresh Coffee

A single cup coffee maker can give a lovely cup of fresh coffee for people wanting just one on the run and who are in a hurry. They are easy to set up and use, they can have a fresh cup of coffee blended in just a couple of minutes and are sold in most convenient stores and garages.

Most single cup coffee makers claim to have a fresh brewed cup of coffee done in about a minute or so. The new coffee pods are pumped by hand and provide coffee lovers a cup of fresh coffee warm or chilled in a variety of flavors. These pre-measured packets filled with the right amount of coffee grounds make it easy and mess-free to make a cup of hot fresh coffee.

Several options are available with a single cup coffee maker, including the use of a thermal cup. A person puts a coffee pod into the machine, fills it with water and the brew flows into a thermal travel mug ready to take on the road in about a minute. Many single cup coffee makers have two pod holders and have the options of different varieties providing a cup of fresh coffee to suit everyones taste.

Coffee Machines That Not Only Make Coffee But Other Drinks Too!

The Tasssimo coffee machine makes cappuccino, espresso, crema coffee, hot chocolate and even tea while the Black and Decker Cup-at-a-Time personal coffee maker will brew your coffee into your own coffee mug using an included permanent filter and can also used for hot water for instant meals, which will give the single cup coffee maker another use which is especially good for use at work where there are several people.

The single cup coffee maker will cut down on wasted water and coffee as the cup of fresh coffee is dispersed in measured amounts. A wide range of prices is available for a single cup coffee maker ranging from kitchen models at around £35 up to far more advanced models costing hundreds of pounds.

The single cup coffee maker is also available in many styles and colors to fit the color scheme of the kitchen in which it will be used. There are some sold in a coordinated sets, which include the single cup coffee maker, toaster, kettle and blender, all with the same basic design and in the same color. Stainless steel models are one of the most popular ranges at the moment.

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Single Serving Coffee Brewers – Making Great Tasting Coffee One Cup At A Time

Can you think of a better time to enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee than during breakfast or after having a mouth watering desert after dinner?  I’m guessing you’re having a pretty tough time trying to think of better opportunities for doing so.  With the invention of the single serve brewer comes the ability to enjoy great tasting coffee in a few short moments without having to get it at a coffee shop.  They’re so easy to use, and you can enjoy the great tasting coffee that they create in your very own home.

Why are the single serve coffee brewers becoming so popular for many that had become so used to ordinary coffee makers?  One of the more popular producers of coffee makers conducted a survey on this matter and came out with the following results:  It was revealed that around 88 percent of the consumers that purchased single serve brewers loved that fact that they could make a cup of coffee in about one minute.

One of the huge benefits of these coffee makers is that you can make different types of coffee every time, so if someone wants decaf or if someone wants caffeinated coffee, then you can make both types in a very short period of time.  You can also have a variety of coffee flavors on hand at any time so that everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee with the flavor that they enjoy the most.  This saves on clean up, as well as wasted coffee that results from making too much of one kind.  There is a huge time savings benefit with single serve coffee brewers in that you can avoid dealing with brewing times of other more traditional coffee makers as well as clean up time that is required with those types of makers.  If you love the great tasting flavor that is provided by coffee grinders or event antique coffee grinders but don’t want to have to spend the time making the coffee grounds, then you’ll also enjoy the time savings benefit that these brewers provide.

It was also found that 90 percent of those that purchased the single serve brewer loved the fact that there is minimal need for measuring out coffee grounds and that there is very little cleaning that has to be done.  Because you don’t have to spend as much time making the coffee, you have more time to take care of other tasks that you may have on your agenda.

Finally, it was discovered that 65 percent of those that purchased the single serve brewer were determined to buy only quality products when shopping for coffee pods that they would be using when making their own coffee.  Many consumers prefer the pods that Maxwell House have to offer because they are made with 100 percent Arabica beans and have harvested and selected with care for the purpose of filling the coffee pods that are sold.  These types of coffee pods provide the maximum in freshness and coffee flavor and aroma, which is another big reason for their rising popularity.

The coffee pods that you find in your local grocery store will generally fit into most single serve brewers so you can shop for as many as you want so you can always enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee each and every time.  If you’re looking to enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee and save a little time during the process of making coffee, then a single serving brewer might just be the best option for you.

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