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Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker Review

Review Of The Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker is an office brewing system by Keurig that is based on the Vue brewing technology. It is designed for small and medium sized offices and allows office workers to brew a cup of their favorite beverage when they want it and how they want it. The V1200 includes the use of RFID technology to make it possible to detect the type of beverage that is getting brewed and based on that information to adjust the brewing parameters (pressure, temperature, brewing time) to result in a perfect cup of your favorite beverage.

Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker

A nice feature is that the Vue packs can partially be recycled. What we’re at this time still missing is a reusable Vue pack that would allow you to brew your own beverage without the need to recycle or throw away a used Vue cup. You will find an in-depth look at the Keurig Vue V1200 below. Scroll down to the end to read our conclusion!

Product Features of the Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker

  • Removable 80 oz. water tank
  • Programmable touchscreen for easy and simple use of the brewer
  • MyBrew technology allowing to set the brewing temperature of the water. Temperatures are adjustable from 187° F to 197° F
  • Features eight brew sizes from 4 to 18 oz (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 oz)
  • A variety of settings to allow brewing of extra strong beverages, foamy drinks (e.g. latte’s), and many other beverages
  • Removable drip tray for convenient and easy cleaning

Available beverage varieties for the Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker uses the Vue packs for brewing and is Keurig’s office brewer. Since the introduction of the Vue cups early in 2012 the selection of available beverages has grown tremendously. You won’t have any problem finding a wide range of different coffee flavors from many different brands. There’s certainly also no lack of specialty coffee drinks and also tea varieties. You’ll find a few of the different available beverages in the list below:

Amazon has an outstanding selection of Keurig Vue packs from a range of different brands. Check out the different Vue coffee varieties and Vue tea varieties that are available. You want to check back often as the available flavors are growing daily.

Best use of the Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker is designed for small to medium sized offices. The large water reservoir of 80 oz. is the perfect size for these office settings. It allows to use this brewer to work efficiently and economically. Each office worker can select their own variety of drinks as well as brew the beverage the way they like it. Nothing beats this convenience.

The Vue V1200 is able to brew a cup of coffee within less than a minute. The brew cycle time depends on the strength and size settings chosen. Besides having the large water tank which means less fill-ups, this speed makes it a very efficient brewing system for office settings. There won’t be any long lines building up in front of this brewer.

Personalization features of the Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Keurig Vue brewing system was introduced to allow for personalization of the brewed beverage. The Keurig Vue V1200 is no exception when it comes to that. You can choose from eight different brewing sizes which range from 4 oz. to 18 oz. This allows anybody to even fill large travel tumblers with this single cup brewer. Another great feature is the ability to adjust the water temperature between 187°F to 197°F. This allows to use the best temperatures to brew for example different tea varieties.

Yet another feature is that the V1200 provides a selection to brew a beverage stronger. With this setting you can brew a stronger beverage. This is achieves through automatic adjustment of the water pressure, the timing of the brew cycle, and setting of the airflow to get you a stronger brewed cup of your beverage. The stronger brew is based on a pulsing brewing cycle which takes longer but results in a stronger tasting beverage.

Optional Accessories of the Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker

There’s really nothing needed in addition to the brewer itself and the Vue packs to get your office going with delicious coffee. However, you might want to consider using a Keurig 05006 Vue Pack Carousel Tower to display a selection of different Vue packs for example for customers or guests. This will make it easy to pick and brew the desired beverage.

Reviews of the Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker

There are not yet any customer reviews or ratings for the Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker on Amazon.com. We will keep this section up to date when customer reviews get available.


We think that the Keurig Vue V1200 is a great office brewer. It combines the advantages of single cup coffee brewing where everybody can choose their preferred beverage with sufficient speed to prevent long brewing times. The large tank makes sure that you won’t have to constantly refill the brewer with water.

Somewhat of a downside as we see it is certainly the higher cost per cup of coffee if you compare it with a good old Bunn brewing system. On the other hand, you probably shouldn’t compare it that but instead focus on having everybody in the office happy that they can have a delicious beverage anytime they want it.

Find current pricing and specials on the Keurig Vue V1200 Single Cup Coffee Maker on Amazon.com. Find more single serve coffee maker reviews to find the best coffee maker for your home or office.

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