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Drink Coffee And Live Longer?

There’s been recent studies that have shown that regular coffee drinkers might live longer. There’s no proof what exactly it is that makes coffee drinkers live longer but somehow they do. Not by a significant amount but enough to be noticed.

Drink as much as you want?

Does that mean you should drink nothing else but coffee anymore? No. However, drinking a few cups of coffee a day seem to be beneficial. That might (or will?) be reversed once you go into the area of not counting in cups but in gallons…

Single Serve Coffee - Live Longer

Single Serve Coffee - Live Longer

So, in light of this you might want to consider getting a single cup coffee maker. You won’t drink as much as you don’t constantly see the huge pot of coffee sitting in the kitchen and thus it might just push you to have the right balance of drinking coffee so you get some health benefits out of it.

Check out the article on the NY Times

We found an article on the NY Times that gives a little more background on this whole topic. Check it out and let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.

Although the new research, which involved more than 400,000 people in a 14-year observational study, still cannot prove cause and effect, the findings are consistent with other recent large studies.

The findings were widely reported, but here’s the bottom line: When smoking and many other factors known to influence health and longevity were taken into account, coffee drinkers in the study were found to be living somewhat longer than abstainers. Further, the more coffee consumed each day — up to a point, at least — the greater the benefit to longevity.

You can read the complete article by clicking here.

While it’s interesting to see that reasonable amounts of coffee are beneficial, we all should be aware that enormous amounts might reverse those findings. We’re in now way doctors or researchers so please don’t think of this as advice on our part on what you should or should not do. Look through the article and then have yourself a nice cup of coffee.

And that’s just what I will do now. Get myself a nice cup of coffee from my single coffee maker. If you want to do the same, then have a look at our single cup coffee maker reviews. We’re sure you can find the perfect one cup coffee brewer that might just help you to live longer!

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker – Are They Really Good?

What Keurig Stands For

Keurig is a Dutch word for excellence. As a company that leads the single cup coffee making in the US, it does not believe in the philosophy of brewing a full pot of coffee when all you drink is just one cup. In 1998, it launched the revolutionary concept of K-Cup Portion pack where the innovation encouraged people to prepare the perfect single cup of coffee without having to think about wasting a full pot, handling filters or cleaning up after brewing. How much better can it get, when you want the perfect brew in between a hectic day at work or morning rush hour to work!

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker Selections

Unlike Senseo which has a reservoir for 5 cups, Keurig is available in three types of water source systems – Direct Water-line Plumbing, Pour-Over Reservoir and the third one with combined features. The reservoir capacity also ranges from 8 oz. to 90 oz. You can install the one that caters to you best at home or at work. The feature to adjust the brew size is available across most single cup coffee brewers over the counters.

There are a multitude of features that Keurig offers that clearly makes it a wise option to chose when installing single coffee cup makers for staff use. Keurig has an Adjustable Temperature to suit person to person, Digital Display for convenience, Energy Saving Mode that switches off the machine when not in use after a certain time as desired. The Coffee machine also has Multiple Language options; you can play with it to amuse your colleagues on a break. Another patent that Keurig Coffee Maker offers is a Quiet Brew Technology and compatibility with Vending machines.

Keurig – Any Good?

In the category of commercial single cup coffee brewing, Keurig definitely wins it over. The type of variety that Keurig offers is simply outstanding. It has over 200 varieties to choose from in the categories of coffee, tea, hot cocoa and even iced beverages. While some of these selections are available as Keurig as in developed in-house blends, while some are even co-brand developed and promoted. The category types remain the same as in Roasted, Blended and Caffeine content. So, if you are a Barista lover, you can try the Barista Prima Coffeehouse or for that reason, even my favorite recommendation is Twinings of London. All in all, the K-Cup concept from Keurig totally rocks the single sup coffee brewing world.

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Senseo Single Cup Coffee Maker

The Early Days of Senseo

In February 2001, in the Netherlands, the Dutch company Philips along with coffee roaster Douwe Egberts, developed a simple technique to brew coffee with a rich layer of cream on top. Senseo is a registered trademark for the entire coffee making system which prepares a perfect coffee with coffee and water perfectly balanced in a mild pressure. When the potion is finally put into the cup, there is a frothy coffee layer on top. This system gained immense popularity in the US just a few years back, when people could make their own coffee at home in exactly the same way they used to get it from a take-out.

Senseo Single Cup Coffee Machine

Senseo Single Cup Coffee Machine

Senseo Coffee Makers

The Senseo Coffee Machine designed by Philips has a great design as well as perfect no-worry solution of auto switch off after one hour. The machine is even easy clean, dishwasher-safe with its easily removable parts. With the push of just a button, the Senseo Coffee maker brews steaming hot gourmet coffee in less than a minute.

Then there is the Senseo Supreme – Single Serve Gourmet Coffeemaker. Although the price of this machine is almost 3 times that of the Philips Senseo Coffee maker, this machine has a patent on its single serve design. It not only brews coffee, but also cappuccino. An interactive LCD display advises users of the water level in the machine and provides adjustable coffee brewing. Hence you can customize your quantity on this single coffee maker.

“Magic” Senseo Coffee Pods

The Senseo Coffee Maker is just half the magic by itself. The other half is the “magic” Pods, which were specially designed by and roasted by Douwe Egberts which was founded in 1753. The Pods contain measured coffee amount to suit just one cup. Coffee brewed from these pods have a lovely aroma with a frothy top layer and with the Senseo Coffee Maker, it is so simple to brew a single cup with the reservoir still full to make yet another 4 cups more in quick succession or even in time bursts.

Senseo offers coffee pods in a variety of flavors which range from roasted specialties from all over the world like the Kona Coffee Blend, Kenya Blend, Columbian Blend, French Vanilla, Sumatra and others like a Dark Roast, Espresso, Medium Roast, Decaffeinated etc. Which ever flavor suits your mood, Senseo Coffee Maker has one to offer.

Senseo coffee machine and Senseo coffee pods can be ordered from retailers like Amazon.com, Walmart, Target, Vitacost.com in the US or even online on the Senseo store.

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Breville Single Cup Coffee Maker

Background on Breville

Breville, an Australian company, founded in Sydney is a popular Kitchen appliances maker since 1932. Mostly, they have been making kitchen products almost similar to the products that are made by the best in their category. However, Breville appliances have very good reviews and in many cases almost better reviews than the best selling brand. For example the Breville toasted sandwich maker almost got people to refer to sandwich makers as “Breville”.

Breville Single Cup Coffee Maker

A Breville Coffee machine is said to be the best single cup coffee maker when compared to the likes of a traditional coffee maker brewing larger quantities. Infact this machine would even provide you with all the different kind of features on it too as available on the larger variety. It has a built in water-filtration system and digital display to go with which keeps the user abreast of any requirements in terms of brew or water.

Breville BKC700XL Single Cup Coffee Maker

Breville BKC700XL Single Cup Coffee Maker

Alike most other machines in this category the Breville has an automatic switch off feature. I think, most of the product designers are in sync with the consumer wanting to do their bit in saving a bit of the natural resources in terms of electricity. However, Breville has this special feature of a timer turn on. So if you have an alarm going at 6.00am then you can literally have the coffee steaming on your bedstead at exactly the same time! And to go along with, you can also chose your flavor to go with it, whether hot or cold in terms of beverage, since Breville coffee makers is built to sync with the K-cups. Now, that can most certainly be called the perfect start to the day.

Issues with the Breville Single Cup Coffee Makers

The most common disadvantage with a Breville Coffee maker is the unavailability of quiet brew option. If you are nature kind of person who soaks up the dawn and feels good to hear the chirping or adore the misty weather outside early in the morning, you would be disappointed with the noise the this single cup coffee brewer makes while brewing. Also, at times, the dispensing needle has shown symptoms of becoming clogged with use. This would need to be cleaned over time and all instructions are actually mentioned on the manual, which makes me wonder, if the manufacturers were aware of this problem and still produce the product without correcting this flaw. For all we want is our home coffee brewer to be hassle free too while serving our best roast whenever we want.

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Tassimo Brewbot

The Origins of Tassimo

The Tassimo Hot Beverage system as it is referred as by Kraft Foods was launched in the US in 2005. At that time, Kraft Foods was associated with the makers of Tassimo Coffee Maker only for providing the unique T Disks containing the contents for preparing the beverage. Then in 2008 Procter&Gamble/Braun & Kraft foods mutually ended their partnership and Tassimo Coffee Maker came completely under Kraft Foods.

Tassimo Single Cup Coffee Maker

Tassimo Single Cup Coffee Maker

Tassimo introduced the Brewbot which was the first of its kind that was advanced and programmed to make seven different kinds of beverages ranging from hot to cold and lattes to cappuccinos to teas all at the touch of just one button.

Tassimo T Disks

The Tassimo single cup coffee maker works with a unique pod called the Tassimo T Disk. This pod works exclusively with this brewer. The disc’s contain coffee, cocoa, tea or concentrated milk creamer or in a combination as required by the nature of the beverage. The quantities in the T disc are all pre-measured with precision and quality sealed. A unique barcode on top of each Disc programs the Tassimo Coffee Maker to add required amount of water and set the temperature for brewing to provide the specific beverage that the user wishes to have. This single cup coffee maker is indeed a maestro at beverages in your home or at work. And all this happens within a minute! And, we were thinking of spending 30 minutes to actually get that favourite latte from a café.

Tassimo and Kraft Foods has collaborations with the best brands for preparing the T discs. Few others are Milka, Twinings, Gevalia, Maxwell House, Jacobs, etc. Single-handedly the coffee maker is able to provide an option for over 40 different types of beverages ranging over a close to a hundred different types of flavours.

It is however impossible to duplicate a T Disc, though several failed attempts have been made and it is strongly recommended that one uses the original brand for the best brewed taste at all times.

Tassimo and the Environment

Tassimo consistently works towards reducing their carbon footprints in many ways. The most likeable step is that Tassimo’s T disk manufacturing facilities are certified as “Zero Landfill”. Also, operations in the facilities run on wind-power from windmills installed on the facility’s roofs. Kraft Foods is the largest buyer of Rainforest Alliance Certified(TM) cocoa and coffee beans world-wide. Hence you can brew that coffee from a disc that has much lesser carbon footprints than its competitors.

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The Next Generation In Single Serves

Marco is an Irish company that specializes in water related beverage systems. It is equipped with a thinking forward team for product design development and product life-cycle management of mainly filter coffee brewing and tea infusion systems. The design team currently hold two projects under its belt – “Uber Grinder” and “Uber Boiler”. They are involved with the Gold Cup Program with SCAE focusing mainly on research and development.

Uber Boiler

The “Uber Boiler” is the next Generation in single coffee brewing systems that would eliminate the existing cons of a one cup coffee maker and bring in new features that would make life even simpler for the consumers. Some of the “uber cool” features that Marco brings into this next gen coffee brewer are:

  1. Uber Boiler is a single cup coffee machine designed to manually brew a cup by controlling small quantity requirements with precision.
  2. Uber Boiler gives total control of critical parameters to the Barista to maintain the right temperature and the coffee to water ratio.
  3. There is no tank that needs to be filled in this brewer and works on the principle f continuous fill mode.
  4. The Ecosmart under-counter range fills the gap between single serve machines with water towers. Here there is digital control for dispensing and filling.
  5. The machine comes with a Fahrenheit temperature display and other features that can be controlled by the Baristas like temperature, pressure, portion sizes, dispensing and delivery.
  6. Obstruction between the Barista and the consumer is complete reduced since most of the machine is under the counter.
  7. The accuracy of temperature in the measuring gauge has been termed as incredible by the users.
  8. The machine can brew any type of gourmet coffee that is required by the consumers and is available as a comprehensive interface for ease of the Barista.
  9. The temperature stability provided by the Uber Boiler is unparalleled in the single cup coffee makers industry.

The machine was built with great about of precision and thought. It completely fulfills most of the cons that other single cup coffee machines that are available these days. Uber Boiler has style and finesse and caters to the usage demanded of by the Baristas for their consumers. Uber Boiler is the brainchild of Marco in collaboration with James Hoffman and Stephen Morrissey. The brewer has gained popularity in some parts of the US, wherever it has been introduced.

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Coffee On Tap Anyone?

Some of you might remember the old soda fountains where you could get your Coke and other soda’s of the fountain. In regards to coffee the focus went to personalized, single serve coffee. And as we all know life doesn’t stand still. So, something new has been brewing…

Scanomat TopBrewer

Scanomat TopBrewer (Source: Scanomat)

After the single cup coffee maker revolution that allowed all of us to enjoy a cup of coffee how we want it, there’s finally the next step in evolution of coffee: Have your Coffee on Tap.

No, we’re not talking about some strange beer-coffee flavor you could get in a pub. We talk about the first coffee faucet you can have in your kitchen. It’s the Scanomat TopBrewer.

When you have friends over, make sure to remind them not to try to wash their hands under this faucet. The only thing you get out of this faucet is delicious coffee. Lots of it. A real next step in the evolution of humanity.

Most of the components of this single cup coffee maker are hidden under the counter. The Scanomat TopBrewer is capable of brewing a large variety of coffee beverages. These include espresso based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes as the is capable to store and froth milk.

The TopBrewer grinds fresh beans for each beverage and then delivers the freshly brewed coffee through the faucet, including the frothed milk for a fresh cup of latte. There’s even an automated cleaning cycle that completely cleans the machine. Nothing left for you to do than to fill the coffee beans and milk and then enjoy a fresh cup of coffee on tap whenever you are up for it.

And best of all, there’s an app for it too. You simply get the TopBrewer app and with a few touches you can have the Scanomat TopBrewer prepare your favorite coffee with freshly ground beans. You can even control several of these marvelous coffee brewers with one app.

Scanomat even built in a finger touch keyboard for all folks that don’t have an iPhone or iPad. You’ll be the judge whether it’s worth getting the Scanomat TopBrewer to justify your purchase of a new iPhone or iPad.

You might ask yourself what the price is? Well, the price hasn’t been announced yet but we think if you have to ask what this beauty costs then you probably can’t afford it anyway. However, dreaming is priceless…

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Starbucks Verismo – What Gives?

Starbucks announced its own single cup coffee brewer system to hit the market in the Fall of 2012 in time for the holiday shopping. The Verismo system will be a high-pressure single serve coffee brewing system whereas most other systems on the market (K-Cups, Vue, Senseo, etc.) are brewing with low pressure.

Starbucks Verismo Single Cup Coffee Maker

Starbucks Verismo Single Cup Coffee Maker

You might ask yourself why there yet has to be another system as there are quite a few by now. It is our understanding that Starbucks wants to perfect the espresso based one cup coffee makers and for that you would want to use higher pressures than the currently available systems use.

Starbucks has quite a few years under their belt in regards to single serve coffee systems. They started out with the Tassimo system (at that time by far the best quality coffee you can get from a one cup machine) and then switched to the Keurig K-Cup system about a year ago. They recently announced that they would have their coffee and tea flavors available for the new Keurig Vue brewing system (see Starbucks To Come Out With Vue Packs). In addition Starbucks also has their VIA system for instant one cup coffee. Why now yet another system?

Well, the move from Tassimo to K-Cups was clearly through the K-Cups having the biggest market share and Tassimo never living up to their promise (in regards to market share). The support for the Vue system is also clear as it provides a better coffee experience than the K-Cup system. The VIA system is a good addition as Starbucks can sell it in their stores and it can be used without the need for a coffee maker.

The Verismo system seems to target a different market altogether though. All other systems listed and supported are good for coffee and tea drinks but are somewhat not so good when it comes to espresso based drinks. Starbucks though is really a lot about espresso and less about standard coffee (in our opinion and you might disagree).

In addition, Nestle has had a somewhat successful introduction of their Nescafe Dolce Gusto which also targets the higher end coffee/espresso market. Starbucks certainly does not want to give up this market and thus had to come up with their own system.

What can we expect from the Starbucks Verismo system? We would dare to predict that it will be able to produce high-end, delicious cappuccino’s and latte’s that will taste similar to what you get in the Starbucks store. However, we’re also predicting that this will come with a certain higher price tag. No prices have been announced so far but seeing what market Starbucks is after we dare to say it will be more expensive than the current Keurig systems.

What should you do? Well, if you really only drink regular coffee or tea and only occasionally or never drink a cappuccino or a latte then we would suggest to go with either the Keurig Vue system or the Keurig K-Cups single cup coffee brewers. If you only occasionally drink any coffee then the Senseo system might be the best choice for you.

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