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Coffee On Tap Anyone?

Some of you might remember the old soda fountains where you could get your Coke and other soda’s of the fountain. In regards to coffee the focus went to personalized, single serve coffee. And as we all know life doesn’t stand still. So, something new has been brewing…

Scanomat TopBrewer

Scanomat TopBrewer (Source: Scanomat)

After the single cup coffee maker revolution that allowed all of us to enjoy a cup of coffee how we want it, there’s finally the next step in evolution of coffee: Have your Coffee on Tap.

No, we’re not talking about some strange beer-coffee flavor you could get in a pub. We talk about the first coffee faucet you can have in your kitchen. It’s the Scanomat TopBrewer.

When you have friends over, make sure to remind them not to try to wash their hands under this faucet. The only thing you get out of this faucet is delicious coffee. Lots of it. A real next step in the evolution of humanity.

Most of the components of this single cup coffee maker are hidden under the counter. The Scanomat TopBrewer is capable of brewing a large variety of coffee beverages. These include espresso based drinks like cappuccinos and lattes as the is capable to store and froth milk.

The TopBrewer grinds fresh beans for each beverage and then delivers the freshly brewed coffee through the faucet, including the frothed milk for a fresh cup of latte. There’s even an automated cleaning cycle that completely cleans the machine. Nothing left for you to do than to fill the coffee beans and milk and then enjoy a fresh cup of coffee on tap whenever you are up for it.

And best of all, there’s an app for it too. You simply get the TopBrewer app and with a few touches you can have the Scanomat TopBrewer prepare your favorite coffee with freshly ground beans. You can even control several of these marvelous coffee brewers with one app.

Scanomat even built in a finger touch keyboard for all folks that don’t have an iPhone or iPad. You’ll be the judge whether it’s worth getting the Scanomat TopBrewer to justify your purchase of a new iPhone or iPad.

You might ask yourself what the price is? Well, the price hasn’t been announced yet but we think if you have to ask what this beauty costs then you probably can’t afford it anyway. However, dreaming is priceless…

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Keurig K Cups – What Are They?

Keurig K Cup Single Cup Coffee Maker

What do the Keurig K Cups remind you of? Right, it looks a little like those pre-packaged creamer cups that you see at many street cafes. However, it’s not just as simply built and constructed as those creamer cups. There’s a lot more inside those little packages.

Keurig invented the K Cup in 1992. The Keurig K Cups is a little plastic container that is kind of revolutionary. It is a vacuum sealed cup that contains the coffee grinds and a coffee filter in one. They are designed to work inside any K Cup one cup coffee maker on the market. By now you can find hundreds of different types of beverages and flavors to brew.

How Does A Keurig K Cup Look Inside?

Keurig K Cup Design

Keurig K Cup Design

Keurig K Cups are vacuum sealed plastic containers. They consist of a plastic cup and a foil on top. The package guarantees fresh flavor and aroma by keeping both moisture and light out. When you put a K Cup into a single cup coffee maker that works with them, then two holes are automatically punched into the K Cup. One hold is on top through the foil so the hot water can be injected. The second hole is at the bottom of the K Cup. It’s bigger than the hole on the top and it’s where your brewed beverage comes out.

During the brewing process the single cup coffee maker injects water through the top hole into the K Cup. The hot water then is absorbing the coffee flavors as it drips through the ground coffee beans and then it finally escapes the K Cup through the bottom hole and flows as delicious coffee right into your cup.

Keurig K Cups Keep Your Coffee Fresh For Longer

Another often neglected advantage of the Keurig K Cups is the fact that it keeps the coffee fresh for a longer time. The whole K Cup package is vacuum sealed and also doesn’t allow light to infiltrate. This seals the aroma of the coffee into the K Cup while keeping oxygen and moisture out. It also keeps light out of the container which additionally could damage your coffee aroma. This guarantees that you will get the best and freshest coffee aroma at the time you use a K Cup and brew your cup of coffee or tea.

Dripping K Cups – How To Avoid Them?

Some customers that bought Keurig K Cups single cup coffee makers commented about K Cups dripping after they had brewed their coffee. This can lead to a minor mess when these last drops splash down. Most single cup coffee makers that use the Keurig K Cups actually have drip trays which capture and collect those last drips. Just make sure that you can place the drip tray into the dishwasher and then there’s no mess and easy clean up. Alternatively, you can simply use a paper napkin to wipe off that last drop. Another tip is to simply remove the last used K Cup from the one cup coffee machine once you brewed your cup. That helps to get rid of any dripping K Cup.

Keurig K Cup Beverage And Flavor Varieties

It is safe to say that no other single cup brewing system offers a variety that even comes close to the choices you have with Keurig K Cups. You can get anything ranging from coffees to teas to hot chocolates to apple cider and many more. Whether it’s from big brand names like Dunkin’ Donuts to organic varieties from all over the world. You can probably have a different kind of flavor every day if you choose so.

And should you be the person that is very particular about their coffee then there’s always the choice to get the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter which allows you to use your own coffee grinds. You simply fill the Keurig My K-Cup with your grinds, brew your coffee and then dump out the used coffee grinds. You can reuse the Keurig My K-Cup as often as you want making it an environmentally friendly system.

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