Using K Cups The Green Way

One of the things that many Keurig K Cup users nowadays are concerned with is the environmental impact of the K cups. When you look at a K Cup it gets very obvious that they by themselves are probably not the most environmentally friendly way to brew coffee. There’s a lot of plastic involved in each of those K Cups. We tried to collect information on how you can ‘green’ your coffee if you are a Keurig user. Please share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below.

How Are K Cups Designed?

Keurig K Cup Design

Keurig K Cup Design

K Cups are plastic containers with a foil on top that seal the flavor inside the cup. Moisture, air and sun light are kept out which enhances the freshness of the product inside. Inside the K Cup you can find a filter pack with the grinds in them.

K Cup Recyling

At the current time K Cups are not really designed to be recycled. You could cut open the foil on top and then dump the grinds, leaving the plastic container behind. Most K Cups however are not even marked with regards to what plastic is used so in many cases you might not be able to recycle the empty K Cup containers in your community. Keurig and their parent company Green Mountain Coffee are working on improving the environmental impact of the K Cups.

In some communities you can actually recycle part of the K Cup. The foil is aluminum and you can recycle it with your aluminum cans. You can also recycle the paper filter after you clean it. The used grinds can be used in your compost bin and the paper filter itself can be recycled with your paper.

Alternatives to K Cup Recycling

Another way to use your Keurig K Cup brewer more environmentally friendly is to use a reusable My K-Cup. You can fill it with your own grinds and brew the coffee perfectly to your desired strength. There’s no waste as you can use the grinds used for brewing in your compost bin. You simply wash your My K-Cup and use it again for your next cup of coffee. That’s a very convenient and practical way to reduce the environmental impact when using a Keurig K Cup brewer.

What do you do with your used K Cups? Leave a comment below and let us know your ideas and thoughts.

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