What Are Pod Coffee Makers?

Where do Pod Coffee Makers Come From?

The concept comes from nature probably, where in the pods contain seed of life and growth. Depending upon the brand that produces it, a pod may contain a measured amount of ground coffee, condensed milk or even added flavorings. The pods are usually vacuum sealed to protect its contents from outside moisture and oxygen which might tarnish the freshness of the product when finally intended for use. Pods are always intended for a single cup of coffee and work only in conjunction with single coffee makers.

Coffee Pod Makers

Pod coffee makers are coffee brewing systems that force required amounts of hot water through the pods to bring in the flavor in the beverage as per requirement. Various coffee companies have worked on this system to bring about frothing in the beverages to suit user to user requirements.

Pod Coffee Makers vs. Drip Coffee Makers

Pod coffee makers are way better than the drip coffeepots. Although the pods are not re-usable, since all its contents get used in one cup, the pods are not self disposable. The outer packaging has to be removed from the coffeemaker and disposed off separately.

However, that is about all that needs to be done for a pod coffee machine, while on the other hand, filter coffee machines need to be emptied and cleaned which is far more work. Also Pod coffee makers are not as messy as a drip coffeepot. Even making multiple cups of coffee is easier with the Pod machine, since, it can cater to individual beverage requirements whether hot or cold, all in less than a minute, while brew-pots can cater to only one type of beverage. It is typical of the leftover coffee in the brew-pot to turn bitter after a while because of constant warming.

Disadvantages of Pod Coffee Makers

Biggest disadvantage of Pod coffee machines is that most companies custom build their pods for use with only their brand machines. Now, if the coffee pod producer does not have collaborations with the brand of coffee that you prefer, then buying a pod machine is of no use. This is the same if you already possess a coffee machine and are looking to try flavors from another coffee brand, then it is difficult to switch coffee machines, since they are so expensive. Another issue faced by users is that usually even the pods are expensive and for premium flavors, finding it on the shelf is difficult, so mostly pods need to be ordered online.

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